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Denice McElhaney
Osyio. Welcome to my page!

I am the Title VI Indian Education teacher at Mustang Trails, Centennial and Lakehoma Elementary Schools.  I have been in this position since 2006. I am a graduate of UCO and while there married my college sweetheart.  We moved to the Mustang area in 1985 and started our family. We have two married children, a beautiful grandaughter and a grandson due in December. 
     In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking, and spending time with my family. The past few years I have had a passion for exploring the back roads of  Oklahoma and snapping pics of things forgotten. 

What is Title VI?

Title VII is now Title VI under the new ESSA law

Title VI , formally known as Title VII, is a Federal program that provides tutoring in reading and math for Native American students who have a completed 506 form on file.  If your child, or their parent / grandparent, are members of a Federally recognized tribe, and you have not filled out a 506 form, you will find a download on the upper right of this page that you can print off, fill out and turn in to your child's teacher. We must have an original 506 form on file in order for your child to be eligible for services. The students who are not meeting benchmarks set up by the district and the state department of education will be first to be served.  If you have any questions about Title VI you may check the district page under links.  If you need me, I would love to help any way I can. 
My email is:  Mcelhaneyd@mustangps.org


      Denice McElhaney Title VI teacher
    Trails, Centennial and Lakehoma Elementary


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                    WHAT'S NEW?

Over the past two years students have enjoyed reading and meeting the author of HOW I BECAME A GHOST.  Finally, RoadRunner Press has released Tim Tingle's sequel WHEN A GHOST TALKS, LISTEN, BOOK 2.  This Native American historical Fiction series is a great teaching tool for 3rd through adult addressing the historical significance surronding the Trail of Tears through the eyes of a Choctaw boy. The author addresses the atrocities without being too heavy for the young reader. I highly recommend this series.



       What’s Up?


 Chi Pisa Lachike,

Denice McElhaney 

Literacy Tip: When reading for assessed comprehension, always read the questions first. By reading the questions before you venture through the passage you are engaging your brain to look for and recognize those things that will be asked to recall later.  (based on Larry Bell's UNRAAVEL stratagy)

 Math Tip: Play games and do puzzles with your child that involve math. They may focus on direction or time, logic and reasoning, sorting, or estimating.


Math Matters K-2: Thermometer-A tool to measure temperature in degrees according to a fixed scale such as degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius

Math Matters 3-4: Line Plot- A number line long enough to include all the numbers in the sample, showing a dot or mark over the position corresponding to each number.

Picture Gallery
Chickasaw Flute at Cultural Center in Sulphur, OK


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Mustang JOM
The Mustang area Johnson O'Malley parent group meets at the Community Center the second Tuesday of each month. If you have any questions for the group please contact Amanda Miller at  Mustangjomparent@gmail.com The Mustang JOM is funded through the Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes but serve all tribes. Information is also available on their facebook page, MustangJOM.
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