Harper one of two Teachers of the Year for MHS
One of Mustang High School’s two Teachers of the Year, Chad Harper, has two classrooms. One is filled with desks and computers and the other, separated by a wall that is half glass, is full of machines from drill presses to a 3D printer. He sometimes has both classrooms running at once, which is appropriate. Harper is a study in movement, boundless energy, and volume.

“There is no doubt I have ADHD,” he said. “If I went and got tested it would be a waste of money. I tried for years to outgrow it or suppress it, but now I embrace it. If the kids get bored and I get bored, we’re doing something different.”
Media Specialist named Teacher of the Year for Mustang Elementary
Mustang Elementary’s 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year is media specialist Tanya Bernhardt. Her history with the school is long. She went to elementary school there herself, did her student teaching there and ended up staying.

Getting back to Mustang Elementary to teach, though, took a little time.

After she graduated from Mustang High School, Bernhardt got a job as an apartment leasing agent. By the time she was 25, the apartments were sold and Bernhardt had to start over. Ready for a more stable career, she took an interest inventory test. Teaching and nursing both came up. Bernhardt earned her EMT certification and rode the ambulance.

“I let that drop. I did not like it. And if I didn’t like that I knew I wouldn’t like nursing,” she said. “From there, I went to teaching and did one class. I had to observe in a daycare and absolutely loved it.”
Steiner named Mustang Education Center’s Teacher of the Year
Mustang Education Center’s Teacher of the Year, Kishia Steiner, has found her niche in pre-kindergarten. For 10 years, she has greeted Mustang’s tiniest students at the beginning of the year when they don’t know how to line up at the door or how to wait their turn to talk. By May, she says good-bye to little students who can write their names, recognize the letters of the other children’s names and can confidently manage classroom procedures.

Steiner graduated from high school in Carnegie, Oklahoma and credits her own teachers with the realization that she too would teach.

“I had such positive experiences with my teachers from the beginning,” she said. “I can remember the teachers who had an influence on my life. They kind of just made me who I am.”

(Photo by Vickers Photography)
Bilbrey named MNMS Teacher of the Year

Mustang North Middle School Teacher of the Year Marilyn Bilbrey keeps things that matter to her. Her own experience in seventh and eighth grade was difficult. She mentally catalogued the smiles and kind words from her teachers, but she has kept the papers with thoughtful comments in the margins all these years. As a teacher, she’s no different. She has antique trunks, storage spaces and filing cabinets brimming with kids’ notes and special school projects.

“I decided when I was in the seventh or eighth grade that I wanted to be a teacher because my teachers made such a difference to me,” she said. “I love English, I love grammar, literature and writing. Those things are my passion, but these kids have my heart.” (Photo by Vickers Photography) 

Lively named Horizon Intermediate's Teacher of the Year

David Lively, whose 50th high school reunion is in June, was the kid who played school all summer using his old workbooks. Over the course of his career, he’s taught multiple grades, been a principal, retired from teaching once and was named this year’s Teacher of the Year for Horizon Intermediate.

There was never a question about what he would do with his life except that one time in college when he made assistant manager at a TG&Y store. It seemed like a reasonable idea to quit school and make great money full time. He celebrated with his first new car, a bronze Chevy Malibu with a black vinyl top.

“I worked there maybe a year,” he said. “That’s all it took.”

(Photo by Vicker's Photography)  

It's cold and flu season!

Dear Parents,

It’s that time of year when colds, strep throat, the flu and stomach bugs are passed around in our schools. District custodial staff disinfect each of the school sites using Virex, but we need your help as well.

Common colds are the main reason children miss school and adults miss work. Please remind your children how important it is for them to wash their hands well, for at least 20 seconds each time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report the spread of colds and other illnesses can be reduced if children avoid touching their face with unwashed hands. Also, they should cover their mouth with a tissue or with their sleeve when they cough or sneeze.

Attendance at school is very important, however, students cannot be expected to perform well if they are ill. Please keep students home if they are running a temperature. Students must be free of fever, vomiting or diarrhea for twenty-four (24) hours without the aid of medication before returning to school. If your child becomes ill during the school day and has a temperature of 100 degrees or more, he/she will be sent home.

If your phone number may have changed, please contact the office. Schools need current telephone numbers for parents, guardians and all emergency contacts. Questions? Call the nurse for child’s school. 

Thank you!

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