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Canyon Ridge Intermediate News

"No Charging" Goes into Effect on May 1st

Your child must have money in their lunch account or with them in order to eat breakfast and/or lunch through the rest of the school year.  If they do not have money in their account or on them to purchase for that day, they will be given an alternate meal.
Any charges that are on their account now will need to be paid in full by May 1. If you cannot pay your charges, please send lunches with your child.  You may monitor and pay your child’s lunch account at Myschoolbucks.com.  The cafeteria can only accept cash or checks.
Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.. If you have any questions or concerns please call Linda Riggs, Canyon Ridge Intermediate Cafeteria Manager at 256-6966. 
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Canyon Ridge Intermediate will be taking state tests beginning on Tuesday, April 16th through Wednesday, May 1st.  Law requires that we have another adult monitor in the room while state tests are given.
If you are willing to help out in this process, click on this link to sign up and our counselors will contact you for more information.
Please also NOTE LUNCH / LIFE APP SCHEDULE CHANGES on the calendar below. 


Congratulations to Ms. Kodumthara's home room class for picking a PERFECT BRACKET!  Each student will receive a book of their choice.
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2018-19 OSTP Parent, Student, and Teacher Guides (PSTGs)

The Parent, Student, and Teacher Guides (PSTGs) for grades 3-8 have been posted to the Assessment Materials page. The practice questions you see in the PSTG represent the types of questions and interactions your students will see when they take the Spring 2019 OSTP state assessments in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.  Please share this information with teachers, parents, and families.... More +


 Mr. Keith Aynes was selected by the faculty and staff of Canyon Ridge Intermediate as the Teacher of the Year for 2018-2019.  
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Dear Parents & Volunteers,

We welcome and appreciate you being a part of our kids' field trips and school. Whether you would enjoy being a Watchdog, walking the halls, helping secure doors, and building relationships with kids or would enjoy volunteering for an upcoming art or band field trip, MPS has a new procedure. To ensure safety, all volunteers are required to obtain a background check. The cost is $11.95, and the online application is easy! Thank you for volunteering at CRI.  Please see the attached letter from Interim Superintendent Charles Bradley.
Very sincerely,
Kathy Blackwell, principal

Please Follow Traffic Patterns

  • Please adhere to the right turn only procedure. The barricades cannot be removed until exactly 7:35 AM and 3:05 PM.  
  • Please do not arrive prior to those times because vehicles are not allowed to stop on Sara Road to wait for the barricades to be removed.
  • You will be required to pass the school and circle back around if you arrive a few minutes prior to 7:35 AM or 3:05 PM.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but the police implemented these traffic procedures due to past safety concerns.


Take pictures of your receipts and Canyon Ridge will receive money!
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2017 School Profile Released

The Oklahoma State Department of Education Office of Educational Quality and Accountability provides this report regarding Canyon Ridge students' performance. Information is based on the 2016 Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test (OCCT) scores and community data gathered from U.S. Census and other agencies.  This report does not reflect the scores of the state tests taken this past spring. 2017. We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and applaud our staff for the dedicated efforts.

2017 School Profile - Canyon Ridge Intermediate
Nurse's Nook
  If your child is not feeling well, your physician is the best person to consult about whether she can go to school. Common sense, con­cern for your child's well-being, and the possibility of infecting classmates should all contribute to the decision about whether your child should stay home.

As general guidelines, keep her home if:
  • she has a fever
  • she is not well enough to participate in class
  • you think she may be contagious to other children
If your child has been ill but is feeling better, yet has still awak­ened with a minor problem, such as a runny nose or slight head­ache, you can send her to school if none of the three circumstances listed above is present. Even so, make sure the school and your child have a phone number where you can be reached during the day if more serious symptoms develop and she needs to return home.
Campus Information
3600 South Sara Road
Mustang, OK  73064
12400 SW 15th Street
Yukon, OK  73099 
Phone: (405) 256-6955
Fax: (405) 577-2236
Robo-Call Transcripts

Parent Newsletter - 4/22/19

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4/7/19 - State Testing & More

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Happy Spring Break & Upcoming Spirit Week

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