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What to Expect in Third Grade

What to Expect in Third Grade

Agendas: Each day your child will write class assignments in their agenda first thing in the morning. We will review our agenda just before leaving school and circle all homework assignments. Please sign your child’s agenda every night. This is also a great place to communicate with me.
Math: Mustang uses the Everyday Math curriculum. This curriculum spirals. How does this impact you? Your child might not grasp a concept immediately, but it will be retaught throughout the year for mastery. Third grade is also a huge year for multiplication and division. Each child is required to practice math facts for 50 minutes each week starting mid-September. Parents will be required to sign Math Logs before they are turned in for a grade.
Reading: All students are required to read 100 minutes each week at home. This practice will reinforce the reading lessons they are learning at school. A Reading Log will stay in their binder with their agenda and it will need to be signed by a parent or guardian.
Phonics Dance: This year, your child will not have a traditional spelling test. Research shows learning phonics patterns is more effective than memorizing a list of spelling words. Third grade will be using a curriculum called Phonics Dance to teach phonics patterns. Your child will learn sayings and movements to help them remember each pattern.
Science/ Social Studies: Third grade rotates classes for Science and Social Studies. I will be their Social Studies teacher for the year. Mrs. Henderson will be your child’s Science teacher. We will rotate subjects every two weeks.
Homework: Your child will bring homework home this year on a regular basis. Homework sent will be practice on a skill I have already taught in class. Homework might also include unfinished work from a day’s assignments. Please help your child create a schedule that includes time for these assignments.
Snacks and Water Bottles: Students are allowed to bring healthy snacks to eat after specials. They are also allowed to bring water bottles with water ONLY and a screw on lid. If a child abuses, this priviledge, they will be asked to leave them at home.