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Weekly Vocab

Weekly Vocabulary List

Vocab lists are sent home every Monday (as well as texted via Remind).  Students will need to study these at home throughout the week.  There will be a quiz over these on Friday!   


  3rd quarter Vocab Lists

Vocab (post-) - Jan. 13th-17th 

Vocab (mono-) - Jan. 21st-24th 

Vocab (poly-) - Jan. 27th-31st 

Vocab (co-, com-) - Feb. 3rd-7th 

Vocab (contra-, counter-) - Feb. 10th-14th ]

Vocab (super-, sur-) - Feb. 18th-21st  

No Vocab - Feb. 24th-28th

Vocab (dis-) - March 2nd-6th



 2nd quarter Vocab Lists

Vocab (ped-) - Oct. 21st-25th 

Vocab (man-, manu-) - Oct. 28th-Nov. 1st 

Vocab (spec-) - Nov. 4th-8th 

Vocab (-ject) - Nov. 11th-15th 

Vocab (-graph) - Nov. 18th-22nd 

Vocab (scrib-, script-) - Dec. 2nd-6th 

Vocab (-ion) - Dec. 9th-13th 


(1st quarter Vocab Lists)

Vocab (-ish):  Sept. 3rd-6th 

Vocab (pre-):  Sept. 16-20th 

Vocab (spec-, gen-, mater-, bio-, aqua-):  Sept. 23rd-27th 

Vocab (il-, im-, in-, ir): Sept. 30th-Oct. 4th 

Vocab (dif-, dis-, dys-) Oct. 7th-11th