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Weekly Vocabulary List

Vocab lists are sent home every Monday (as well as texted via Remind).  Students will need to study these at home throughout the week.  There will be a quiz over these on Friday!   


  3rd quarter Vocab Lists

Vocab (post-) - Jan. 13th-17th 

Vocab (mono-) - Jan. 21st-24th 

Vocab (poly-) - Jan. 27th-31st 


 2nd quarter Vocab Lists

Vocab (ped-) - Oct. 21st-25th 

Vocab (man-, manu-) - Oct. 28th-Nov. 1st 

Vocab (spec-) - Nov. 4th-8th 

Vocab (-ject) - Nov. 11th-15th 

Vocab (-graph) - Nov. 18th-22nd 

Vocab (scrib-, script-) - Dec. 2nd-6th 

Vocab (-ion) - Dec. 9th-13th 


(1st quarter Vocab Lists)

Vocab (-ish):  Sept. 3rd-6th 

Vocab (pre-):  Sept. 16-20th 

Vocab (spec-, gen-, mater-, bio-, aqua-):  Sept. 23rd-27th 

Vocab (il-, im-, in-, ir): Sept. 30th-Oct. 4th 

Vocab (dif-, dis-, dys-) Oct. 7th-11th



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