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Valerie Hammer

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Contact Information

         1. In phone number space, type in the numbers 81010
         2. In the text box, type in the code: @188meow 
English IV
Planning Hour: 6th 

Course Description

This literature-based course prepares students for college, technical school, as well as the work force. Throughout the year, students will engage in the reading and analysis of literature with an emphasis on writing and research. Scope and Sequence: Class will cover important literary works from the Anglo-Saxon, Renaissance, Restoration, Romantic, Victorian, and Twentieth Century periods.Throughout the year, students will read for literal context, infer content, and analyze literary works.They will also identify literary genres, elements, and language.Incorporated in the writing instruction, students will research, practice the writing process through various modes of writing, and identify correct grammatical usage. Finally, students will manipulate basic oral communication skills to effectively express opinions.
English Department Grading Policy:
1.Tests, major projects, and select writing assignments overall average is 50% of the total grade. 2.Daily work, select writing assignments and quizzes overall average is 50% of the total grade. 
3.Students will complete a minimum of two assignments per week.
4.No late work is accepted.
5.Make up work follows the MHS handbook policy.
Classroom Rules:
1.Cell phones may not be used during class unless for a specific activity.Use will result in 3 detentions.
2.Tardies follow the handbook policy.If a student is tardy more than three times, he will not receive test curve bonuses.
3.No outside beverages.
4.Remind101:phone number: 81010Code: @18meow 

Daily Syllabus