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Thomas Wolfe

Mr. Wolfe - 6th Grade Science

6th Grade Science Syllabus

Teacher: Tom Wolfe

Phone: 256-6955

Planning Period: 2:25-3:05




Major Topics Covered:

  • Forms of Energy
  • Human Body Systems and Interactions
  • Cells and Photosynthesis
  • Ecology and Ecosystems
  • Scientific Methods & Tools will be taught throughout the year in our various investigations


Classroom Rules:

1. Be Prompt 

2. Be Prepared

3. Be Polite

4. Be Productive

5. Be Positive



Students will be issued a write-in textbook. There is a letter from the district office in regard to the new textbooks. These will be stored in the classroom for the students. There is an online textbook for each student. All the book pages as well as extra info is available. See my website for more information and the link.



My students will keep a science composition notebook. The notebook needs to be brought to class every day and used only for science assignments.


Daily Supply List:

3-ring binder with folders                       Pencils and Erasers

Pencil bag for binder                              Hand-held pencil sharpener

Composition Notebook                          Red Ink Pen

Completed Homework                          Loose-leaf Paper


Good Attitude                                     


*Other items may be needed throughout the year for labs, projects, or to replenish the class supply. These items will be mentioned as needed.    

Make-Up Work:

Students have one class period for each day missed to make up missed work. Make up tests will be taken during the next class session or during recess. The assignments being done during class while the student is testing will need to be made up as well. All*Quiz Grades = Quizzes are usually 10 – 20 questions over material covered in

                        class that day or last class & could count as 2 daily grades.

*Test Grades = Chapter tests, Unit tests, Benchmarks, 9 weeks or semester

                        tests, and/or Lab practicals (test on lab techniques) can count as 2

daily grades.

More than 1 week late = 0% until “Last Chance Study Hall” (during tournaments) 

Bonus: The only bonus students is an occasional question on an assignment.


All absent work is entered into the computer as ABS which is calculated like a zero until it is made up. This code reminds me to give possible full credit to your student.  Your grade can only go up when absent work is turned in.


Parent Portal:

Parents and students can always know the student’s grade. This is updated immediately as I put in a grade, comment, or attendance.  You can see your student’s average, individual assignment grades, and attendance record for all classes. There is also an app called SchoolWay for your smart phone. If you do not have internet access, you or your student can request a hard copy of his/her grades by note. Please allow one day for me to print and get it to your student.



For minor discipline issues (name calling, talking, class disruptions, etc):

            1st offense = Warning – Strike One (sting)

            2nd offense = Behavior Tracker Jacker – Strike Two (2nd sting)      

3rd Behavior Tracker Jacker (within one week from any teacher.  This starts over every Monday.) Detention

*If the behavior is repetitive, or is more severe, students may be assigned consequences without first having a behavior ticket issued. A parent will be notified and detention will be immediately assigned.

Grading Policy:

All assignments will be worth 100 points & classified into one of three categories:

*Daily Grades = Homework, In-class assignments, Participation grades, Lab work

*Quiz Grades = Usually 10 – 20 questions over material covered in class that day or

recent class.

*Test Grades = Chapter tests, Unit tests, 9 weeks or semester tests, and/or lab

                        practical (test on lab techniques) can count as 2 daily grades.

Bonus: Students’ grades are affected more by having all papers turned in ON TIME & COMPLETE. If bonus is offered, a maximum of 50 bonus points per 9 weeks will be awarded.

Redo: Students can redo work for a maximum of 70% credit if corrected within 1 week. I usually put a “Redo by (date)” note on top of the papers.

Late Work: 

If a student hands me an assignment after the time the assignment has been collected, the assignment will be considered late. Late work will be accepted but a penalty will be deducted from the grade unless the student attends “Finish Line” on the day assigned.  No late work will be accepted after the end of each 9 weeks.

            1 class late = 80% maximum

            1 week late = 70% maximum

Lesson Plans

Click here for Weekly Lesson Plans
Please know that these are our preliminary plans. Sometimes experiments go longer than expected so things change a little now and then. 


Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me anytime.  The best way to reach me is by email