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Theatre II

Beginning Theatre II

 Welcome to Drama II, I am so excited and looking forward to our many task and projects in here this term. We will Rocket into procedures and expectations within the drama classroom as well as school itself, then zoom into terms/vocab/stage positions and take a test over these items before August is over with. This will allow us to dive into our Mime unit, investigate bodily/facial awareness and expression and begin our Monologue work as well. Students will be selecting one of the Monologues I have here in class or better yet do their own searching on the web for comedic or dramatic middle level monologues. They will need to be 1-2 minutes long and the student will have to memorize them at home. We will have two class days to put the polishing features on them and them WA-LAH we present our monologues and characters! The Mimes will be in class work with a duet partner and be put to music, yeah no lines there! More to come!