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Taylor Sullivan

Welcome to US History!

Welcome to US History, my name is Taylor Sullivan and I am so excited to have you in class this year! Just to let you know, I am getting married this fall so my name will be seen interchangeable as Miss Sullivan or Mrs. Gates. Below is information about my class this year. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at any time.

Course Objectives

After analyzing events in American history from 1878 to the present in such areas as political reform, industrialization, urbanization, ethnic acculturation and war, students will be able to identify meaningful changes in his society, identify equal rights in that society, and help resolve conflict in this society based on the student’s search for change, equal rights and conflicts in the American past.   We will be using United States History: Reconstruction to the Present? by Prentice Hall .  


Learning Objectives               

  1. Students will identify and describe the characteristics and major factors contributing to the political growth of the United States.

  2. Students will be able to describe the major factors that have contributed to the growth in U.S. economy.

  3. Students will be able to analyze events and personalities that have influenced the development of United States foreign policy and United States involvement in world and regional conflicts.   

  4. Students will analyze important elements that have shaped the constitutional system.   

  5. Students will identify the interrelationships of domestic and foreign policy decisions.

  6. Students will identify and describe events, trends and movements that have shaped American social and cultural development.

  7. Students will be able to describe significant aspects of American cultural development, including visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, and social and religious arts.

Class Supplies

Something to keep your things in (binder or folder)

Something to write with

Notebook paper 

1 box of kleenex (not mandatory but would be appreciated!)

Class Policies 


-School policy states that you have one day to make up work for each day you are absent.

-You are responsible for notes and assignments when absent.  Most work/notes will be posted on google classroom.  Please see me if you have questions about absent work.

-At my discretion, students who are absent on the day of the quiz or test may be given an alternate assessment that may differ from the format of the original.


-School policy states that three tardies are equal to one absence.  

-For every three tardies you will be given detention.

Electronic devices:

-All devices must be turned off and put away while you are in the classroom or detention will be given.  

Late Work:

-Late work will be accepted one day late for half credit.

-The expectation of this class is that you are to do what is asked of you.  If you choose not to complete assignments you may be assigned Academic Tutoring. 

To stay informed:

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have at

Below are Google Classroom and Remind codes based on hours. 

1st Hour- Remind: @gatesus1   

      Google Classroom: 2or6w9

3rd Hour- Remind: @gatesus3   

       Google Classroom: 514lr

4th Hour- Remind: @gatesus4       

      Google Classroom: s9pkk8f

5th Hour- Remind: @gatesus5   

       Google Classroom: m9e0140

6th Hour- Remind: @gatesus6    

      Google Classroom: yx2tpc



Contact Information



US History     8:40-9:30
PLAN              9:35-10:25
US History    10:30-11:20
Lunch            11:25-12:15
US History    12:20-12:50
US History    12:55-1:45
US History    1:50-2:40
Tennis    `     2:45-3:35