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Susan Phillips

Description/ Objective Credit Recovery:
Credit Recovery is a class that uses Edgenuity as a curriculum provider.  It is specifically intended for students  who are struggling in the regular classroom.  While in Credit Recovery the student is required to complete 2.0 credit hours for each hour that they are in the classroom.
Students may work anywhere that they have internet connections.  With this advantage it helps the students' progress at a pace that they are comfortable with.
Students are required to keep on pace and work the entire time that they are in the classroom in order to receive the credits.
Description/Objective Mustang Virtual Academy:
MVA uses technology and a virtual curriculum which provides students the opportunity to have more control over subjects, place and time.  It is specifically intended for students who are struggling in the regular classroom.  MVA offers students a welcoming and consistent environment with a community of learners and teachers to provide support.
MVA uses Edgenuity as the curriculum provider.  Students may work anywhere that they have internet connections.  Students are assigned a mentor; one of the teachers, who will meet with them at least once per week to review pace, plan for completion and communicate with stakeholders regarding student progress.
Students will go out to the regular classroom for at least one class each day and for required classes not offered in Edgenuity such as World Language classes, music, band, and ROTC. 
* Students may not use the computers for any purpose other than enrolled coursework unless they are on pace or ahead.
* Use of electronic devices should be limited and at the discretion of the teacher.
* Students are encouraged to bring their own earbuds for use with lesson instructions.
* Any behavior that disrupts the learning environment is strongly discouraged and may result in disciplinary action.  A quiet,   respectful, and positive learning environment will be maintained at all times. 
Classroom Policies:
I expect every student to follow the students handbook at all times.  These rules are here to provide an environment conducive to learning.  Any discipline actions required in the handbook will be given.  I have three classroom policies that need to be followed.
            1. BE RESPECTFUL:  to yourself, to others and to the learning environment.
          2. BE PREPARED:  each day with your assignments, supplies, and a positive attitude
          3. BE PROMPT:  come to class daily.
Email Address:
Credit Recovery Hours/ MVA
1st Hour E-106 MVA 
2nd Hour E-106 C/R
3rd Hour E-106 C/R
4th Hour E-106 C/R
5th Hour PLAN
6th Hour E-106 MVA
7th Hour E-106 MVA