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A Message from Mustang Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Sean McDaniel

Nov. 8 will be a big day for public education in Oklahoma. It is the day Oklahomans will have an opportunity to cast their vote regarding State Question 779. Among other things that I will outline below, SQ 779, if passed, would provide a funding source for a $5,000 teacher pay raise. No other long-term funding plan for education is on the table.

As the superintendent of schools in our community, one of the most important duties I have is to provide information to our patrons regarding issues that could impact our school district and to raise awareness of these critical issues. State Question 779 is a critical issue that I believe you should know about.

How are these funds generated?

• A “yes” vote is a vote in favor of increasing the state sales tax by one percent to generate a predicted $615 million per year for education funding.

• A “no” vote is a vote against increasing the sales tax.

SQ 779: The Basics

How Much Revenue Will the Tax Produce?

$615 million annually*



2. How can public school districts spend the money?

Teacher Recruitment/Retention: $369 million (86.33%) Statewide
To be used for:

A $5,000 teacher pay raise ($5,000 above the 2016-2017 district salary schedule)

Retention strategies

Recruitment strategies

B. Student Achievement: $58.4 million (14.67%)

Grade-level reading

College-career readiness

High school graduation rates

3. What restrictions apply to SQ 779 Revenue?

The ballot language prohibits SQ779 revenue from being spent on superintendent salaries.

An annual audit of SQ 779 is required.

SQ 779 revenue must be used to enhance public education revenue and not supplant existing funding.

  1. How would Mustang Public Schools benefit with the passage of SQ 779?
    • Teacher Salaries/Recruitment/Retention: $5,252,399 annually
    • Student Achievement/Academic Initiatives: $831,784 annually
    • Total projected financial impact: $6,084,182 annually

I encourage all area residents to educate yourself on the issues coming up in the next election and cast your ballot. If you need to register to vote, change your party affiliation, name or address, you can download the appropriate forms at www.ok.gov/elections/.

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