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Mrs. Roush
5th Grade ELA


ELA This Week
     I am honored to be your child's ELA teacher. I love to say that I am a 1984 graduate of Mustang Public Schools. Go!!!! Broncos! 

     I started my teaching career right here in  Mustang. I spent six years teaching at Mustang Trails before taking time to stay home with my three children. This will be my seventh year as a fifth grade teacher.

     I live in Yukon with my husband of thirty-one years. We now share an empty nest. Our oldest daughter is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma, while our next two kids are a senior and a sophomore at at OU. As a family, we enjoy traveling, visiting museums, cooking, and eating. Yes, we have been known to travel just to eat! We also spend time burning off all those yummy calories. We kayak,bike ride, practice yoga, and run.

     I returned to teaching in order to share my love and enthusiasm for reading and writing. I look forward to being your child's ELA teacher.     

Mrs.Roush :)  
Lesson Plans
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2017 - 2018 Syllabus


  Roush ELA Syllabus
Word Study/Vocabulary
  • Students will study a new list of words each week. The words will be practiced during the week,and a quiz will be given on Friday. Home study is required.
  • Prefixes-Roots-Suffixes
  • Stretch--A--Word. Encourage your 5th Grader to use higher level vocabulary.    Practice stretching for a better word                                  Happy-> Delighted-> Elated
Reading     Read-Lead-Succeed
  • Nightly Reading Requirement  20 minutes
  • Reading Strategies - Making connections,  Predicting, Pause and Clarify, Question
  • Inference
  • Context Clues
  • Main Idea
  • Literary Elements
  • Plot-Character-Setting-Events-Sequence-Climax-Resolution
  • Author's Purpose
  • Voice-Point of View
  • Figurative Language
Novel Studies
  • Land of Stories - Chris Colfer
  •   Gregor the Overlander -   Suzanne Collins
  •   The Watsons Go to BirminghamChristopher Paul Curtis
  • The Keeping Room - Anna Myers
  •   Teacher's choice 
Independent Reading/Homework
  • Students will read 20 minutes per night, and record the book title and minutes in their agenda
  • Our class will visit the library every three weeks. Students should check-out material to last for the three weeks 
Writing-  Fifth Graders will learn three types of writing this year
  •  Narrative
  • Informative
  • Opinion/Persuasive
  • 4 kinds of sentences
  • Writing complete sentences
  • Writing complex and compound sentences
  • Parts of Speech: 
  • Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions,  and Articles 
  • Punctuation
90-100 - A
89 - 80 - B 
79 -70 -  C
69 -60 -  D
59 and below - F
Quiz and Test grades  May be worth up to two assignment grades
Late work;  
First day late = 80%
2-10 school days late = 70%
11+ school days late= 0%
Re-Do Work
Assignments with an initial grade of 60% may be corrected and returned. The original grade will be averaged with the second grade. 
**Test grades are the only assignments which may not be re-done **
Absent work-
Students will be given one day for every day they are absent to make up their assignments.
  • First offense = Verbal warning 
  • Second offense =  Sign the Behavior Book  #1
  • Third offense =     Sign the Behavior Book #2     Parent Contact
  • Forth offense =     Sign the Behavior Book #3     Detention
  • Detention= Mrs.Roush will make detention arrangements with parent
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