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Please reach out to your/the specific school with any questions (contact information on their website). 
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Empowering Today to Achieve a Better Tomorrow


Public Schools

Mrs. Glover

Important Dates

April 6.  Begin Online Distance Learning


Please have your child read 100 minutes a week and practice math facts 50 minutes a week to help your child with their reading & math skills.  If you child wants to keep a monthly log and turn it in at a later date please do so.  I will have rewards for children turning in reading logs.

Suggested At-Home Schedule

At-Home Schedule

  9:00 – 10:00      –       Morning Routine

10:00 – 11:00      –       Educational TV                                                        

11:00 – 12:00      –       Academics –Reading, Writing, Language Arts      

 12:00 -1:00        -        Lunch & Free Time

1:00 - 2:00           –       Creativity – Problem Solving – STEM

  2:00 –   3:00      –       Chores – Life Skills                                                  

  3:00 –   4:00      –       Academics – Math                                                  

  4:00 –   5:00      –       Physical Activity – Outdoors                                  

  5:00 –   6:00      –       Academics – Science/Social Studies                       

  6:00 –   8:00      –       Evening Routine & Free Time                                


At-Home Resources

Packet information has been emailed.  Please make sure that you have updated any contact information that may have changed by emailing Central Enrollment at to ensure that you are reachable.

Morning Routine

Breakfast, pet care, teeth, make bed

 Evening Routine

Dinner, bath, pet care, teeth

Educational TV (family) (learning) 

 (Youtube channels)

Academics-RWLA (Daily read, activity)

Creativity, Problem Solving, Logic, STEM, Critical Thinking (Brain Den) (STEM list) (DailyDoodle) Games) (Prob. Solve) (Logic) (Puzzles) (Strategy)

Chores & Life Skills


Wash & put away dishes

Wash, fold & put away clothes

Sew on a button or hem

Reading a map or read a receipt

        Write daily in a journal 

Change a filter or adjust AC

Add air to a tire or ball

How to cut w/knife & fork

Address, Phone, BD, tie shoes

Make bed, make purchase

Make a meal, make knots

Ask for instructions, get help  

 (especially when lost in store)

Academics-Math (TopMarks)


If your child would like to email me at they are welcome to do so.  They can write about their weekend (Over the weekend I...),  ask me questions or just want to email me! They can practice writing 5 complete sentences, a topic sentence, 3 informational sentences and a closing sentence.  

Important Information

I will keep you updated on changes as I receive them.  Check your emails for information being sent out from our school district. These are times that none of us have ever experienced.  

Wish List

Colored Copy Paper
Colored Cardstock Paper
Black ink HP ENVY 4501
Colored ink HP ENVY 4501
Small wrapped candies
Small wrapped suckers

Packet Information

A limited amount of packets will be available Monday, April 6 at the sites that are passing out lunches.  The packets will also be posted on windows of every site for parents to take pictures of if needed.



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