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Sarah Carnes

Mrs. Sarah Carnes, M.Ed

Mrs. Carnes graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with her Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  She has taught for 20 years in Oklahoma.  She is currently the OAEA Membership Chair. 
 Freshmen Lunch 10:30-11:00 am
4th hour plan 12:00-12:50 pm
 Art I

Mustang High School 2018-19

Mrs. Sarah Carnes, M. Ed.                        

Freshmen lunch 10:30-11:00 am                             4th hour plan 12:00-12:40 pm

$30 Art I Fee due September 21, 2018

Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS)-Overview for High School

Standard 1: “Presenting”-Language of Visual Art

Standard 2: “Responding”-Visual Art History and Culture

Standard 3: “Creating”-Visual Art Expression

Standard 4: “Connecting”-Visual Art Appreciation

-Proficient or Advanced assessment and application of OAS

Note: NAEA National Standards (

Art I will incorporate and focus on OAS

Purpose & Description: An introduction and foundation Visual Art course through which the students will have a multi-media experience that will offer creative hands-on experiences, projects, and application necessary to incorporate a variety of mediums, sketchbook/journaling assignments, demonstrations, and presentations from Oklahoma artist.  Students will apply and incorporate the Elements of Art and Principles of Design in their artwork, use art related vocabulary, use a variety of tools safely, process & practical application of mediums, and appropriate clean-up procedures.  Assignments are expected to reflect understanding of OAS, learner goals, use of a rubrics, and be original.

Expectations: to use time wisely and effectively, work independently, work cooperatively on group projects, assist others when applicable, limit disruptions, work hard every day, use your ability to the fullest, be open to new ideas, be creative, actively engaged on assignments, finish/complete assignments based on learner objectives/or rubric, label projects appropriately, turn in assignments on time, use materials and resources wisely, limit wasting supplies, put away materials and clean-up leaving a clean work area for the next class.

Learner outcomes/Objectives: will be displayed on the board, with projector, or on lesson plan hand-outs

Fee: $30 due nowSeptember 14, 2018 was the date for this to be paid.  If an extension is needed or there are special circumstances, please contact me.  After December 14, 2018, I will no longer be taking the money in my classroom through InTouch receipting

~Pay electronically and on-line, there is a $1.50 convenience fee or in the counseling office. 

Make checks payable to: MHS, memo should have hour number and students’ last name

Materials to be brought daily: bring a creative mind, have access to several #2 wood or drawing pencils, Inc R2 black ink pen (roller ball), black ink pens, 12 count colored pencils, 12 count thin line makers, rubber or kneaded eraser, hand-held sharpener, and sketchbook (Walmart Sketch Diary 13.9 x 21.5 cm (WP-AC-2731) or 27.9 x 21.6 cm (WP-AC-2671).


Studio Classroom Community Environment and Student Artist Expectations

Five Mustang High School Commandments for Students

1.     Keep it clean.      

2.     Respect yourself and others

3.     Right place, right time.

4.     School appropriate.

5.     Be prepared.

~Read, understand, conceptualize, and be familiar with district policies in student/parent handbook

I keep a modified copy in my room in a violet binder.

~Work ethic-there are no days off, free days, or excuses!  There is always a creative opportunity to engage your mind & time.

~Sketchbooks should be brought to class every day, they will be graded as needed.  Students will be expected to maintain an Art Portfolio in class and stored with artwork in the Portfolio Space cabinets.  The Art Portfolio is a collection of art resource materials and the syllabus to be taken home at the end of the year, May 2019.  Students cannot take class projects/assignments home to be worked on, see “Studio Time”.


 Students are expected to bring to class daily a mixed media sketchbook.  Label with first and last name, alphabetical order number (assigned by me) over the hour.

~Students should discuss and make me aware of special circumstances (in a 1-1 private conversation)

~Arrive on time- ready to work and actively be engaged in a respectful manner.  The first 15 minutes of class are dedicated to taking roll, teaching related to the project assignment, going over the learner goals, related vocabulary, and needed information related to the assignments students should not talk during this time.


Be on time and in assigned seat before the bell rings. I will greet you at the door.  I will also close the doors after the bell rings.  If you are not in your seat, you are tardy. Student attendance must be posted in the first 5 minutes of class.  If tardy, present a pass from an administrator, teacher, or staff member for an appropriate adjustment. Date, time, printed staff member name, and signature is needed for an attendance adjustment.  “Late” is after the bell has rung the student is not in their assigned seat with art portfolio, sketchbook, and supplies sitting quietly.  If a student walks out of class without permission or is not in assigned sit, the student may be marked absent or tardy at the discretion of the teacher. Every 3 tardies = 1 day of detention assigned through Google.  This is your FIRST warning on TARDIES.  Detention will be given for every 3 tardies, 3, 6, 9, 12, etc…  Every 3 tardies is equal to one absence.

~Remain quiet and respectful during teacher, instruction, working time, or community presentations. Hold questions till the end of presentation or as questions are asked for responses from students.

 Minimum 2 days of AM/PM detention assigned through Google.

~Limit “side bar” conversations that are unrelated to Art I.  Absolutely no gossiping, bullying, in sighting, undermining, indignant behavior, cussing/cursing, or foul language will not be tolerated at any time.

Minimum 2 days of detention, removal from classroom, and or suspension (detention is assigned and documented through Google ).

~Self-discipline and self-control is expected.  Use “please”, “thank you”, “your welcome”, “excuse me”, and use encouraging words/phrases/responses. 

Disrespecting the teacher, turning your back, throwing items, pushing, running, and laughing will not be tolerated.

Minimum 2 days of detention, removal from classroom, and or suspension.

~Art I is not a BYOD classroom.  Devices have caused a lot of distractions and keep students from working to their full potential.  All devices should be turned to silent, silent notifications, off during class, and stowed in a purse, bag, or backpack (not in a hoody pocket, pocket, or shoe/boot).  Earbuds should be put away as well. If students have them out in class without permission, students will be given a minimum of 2 days of AM/PM detention assigned through Google (this is your first warning).  I will give you a slip and have you initial your detention.  (It is up to you and your caregivers to keep updated phone numbers and e-mails with the school personnel).

~Restroom breaks-students should use the restroom prior to entering the room, please plan accordingly.  Students are only allowed 2 passes out of class each month-restroom emergencies, nurse, office, library, etc.  Students must sign in and out where the passes are kept.  Students must have prior permission to leave and have their student ID out visible.  If a student leaves without permission a minimum of 1 day of AM/PM detention will be assigned through Google. 

~Drinks, snacks/food/chips: no outside vendor beverages (see district/school policy) make sure drink has a lid available/used.  Snacks can be consumed in the first or last five minutes of class.  There is no sharing.  Make sure all trash is thrown away and clean-up as necessary or the privilege will be taken away on a student or entire class basis. 


~Gum: can be enjoyed as long as it is chewed and discarded in a trash can (no popping or bubbles-limit distractions).  Minimum 2 days of AM/PM detention assigned through Google.

~Backpacks should be placed under student work area near feet, keeping classroom floor path clear.

~Stools/chairs should be placed under work area throughout the day (no standing on them). 7th hour students will place stool on top of tables or stack chairs.

~Absences-refer to district policy/guidelines about 12 or more absences.  Caregivers are responsible for contacting the school if student is going to be absent.  Please try to do this by 9:05 am.  The student is responsible for contacting teacher about missed assignments after they return.  Students can also e-mail me,  Classmates can be contacted if needed.  Teacher notes are available in the back of the room if they need to be borrowed.

~Substitute teacher-alternate or journal assignment will be given and supplies will be limited for student use.  Students will not be able to paint.

~ISI-a written assignment will be on file with the ISI instructor.  All questions will be answered appropriately, “I don’t know/IDK is not an appropriate graded answer.

~Calendar-Add important dates and due dates to a personal calendar, either a paper calendar or electronic calendar.  “REMIND” app may be used.

~Self care, beauty products, hair brushing, nail painting, use of perfume or cologne-should be done at home or prior to the bell in the restroom.  Not in class.  Minimum 2 days of AM/PM detention.

~Hoodies, hats, beanies, sunglasses, etc… should be taken off before entering the hallway and in classes.  See student/parent handbook policies.  Minimum 2 days of AM/PM detention.

~Detention-AM/PM detention is assigned through a school Google document and is tracked to verify if the student has served the detention.

~Art Club is every other Wednesday.

~Book or supply check-out-see Mrs. Carnes to check-out classroom books or supplies

~Please be respectful of all students, materials, supplies, and resources


Grading: District Scale `:       A: 100-90        B: 89-80          C: 79-70          D: 69-60          F: 59-0

Weekly assignments grades: Project and participation (minimum of 2 grades per week is expected).


Projects/Assignments: Finished projects and Visual Verbal Journal entries (differing point values)

Weekly participation grade: Visual observation of artwork progress, class participation, sketchbook activities, class notes, Community Art, etc… (Differing point values dependent on the assignment)

Grades are run for extra-curricular student activities every Friday at 11am, all items to be graded must be turned in on Thursday for updated grades.


Projects/Assignments-most assignments will encompass 2-4, 50 minute class sessions to finish.  Some projects will be longer and the due date will be adjusted.  A due date is given to all assignments individually based on the time investment/predicted to be completed.  Most assignments will have a deadline of an extra 1-2 days of worktime to complete within the due date for students needing 1 extra day to complete the assignment or whom are needing extra time due to an absence or needing extra time in general.   The due date is the day I will expect the students to have the assignment completed/finished/finalized/labeled properly and turned in, to the corresponding blue tray.  I will begin grading within 1-4 days after the due date.  Once I have graded the work for a class, if the work has not been turned in, I will mark a zero, ‘late’, ‘missing’ to indicate to the student and care givers that I did not receive the assignment. During clean-up or before turning in an assignment, take a picture of your work.


On-time turn-in-completed/finished/finalized/labeled properly assignment on or before the due date.  Allow a minimum of 3-4 business days to grade late work.


There are NO excuses, homework, tests, or “extra credit”


Community Art (participation grade)-Any art project that has previously been a class project meeting the same expectations and quality requirements.  Community Art will be donated to the community throughout the school year.  Paper for this project are available in class and can be worked on after they have turned in the current finished assignment for the week.  Due on the 2nd and 4th Thursday.  Community Art can be worked on in class or at home.


Visual Verbal Journal (project grade): Illustrated written responsive journal entry that has a theme, 2 pages, includes a border/frame, illustrations/drawings, words/quotes/poems/thoughts/expressive ideas, with limited “white space” (must have a colored background and secondary color incorporated in each entry (drawings, words, etc…), needs to be dated on the bottom right hand corner.  Avoid the use of permanent markers.  Visual Verbal Journal entries can be worked on in class if all projects have been turned-in or at home.

Studio Time-M-F 8:10-8:35 am, T & TH 3:35-4:10, and M-F all lunches.  See Mrs. Carnes for a pass.  Open Studio Time is a time available for students needing extra time to work on assignments, sketchbook activities, or projects.

Academic Tutoring-Students with an average of 65% and below will be given Academic tutoring for a minimum of 2 days.  More may be given depending on the students’ current grade.  Students will be given a pass to come in for Studio Time or for Academic Tutoring.  Each student will need to first check-in with the Academic tutoring teacher each day of tutoring prior to coming to Mrs. Carnes’ classroom E119.  Academic tutoring is a time for the student to work on missing assignments or re-do assignments that can positively affect their average.

Power School/Parent Portal-  

Teacher website:, Mustang High School, Teacher Sites, Sarah Carnes

My goal is to facilitate learning, creativity, guide & direct, provide creative art experiences and feedback, opportunities, spotlight/showcase student creativity in a positive learning environment for all students.  I will showcase student accomplishments and creative efforts by entering completed artwork into art shows and contests throughout the year.

Possible events MHS students have the opportunity to participate in: school, district, community, state, national, & web based exhibits, Superintendent’s Gallery at the Oliver Hodge Building, OAEA Young People’s Art Exhibit, March YAM activities, YTIO, OSAE, as well as others not mentioned.

Allergies or medical conditions, please make me aware ASAP

Hour:  1st  2nd    3rd  5th  6th  7th

Student Legal Name (printed)   ___________________________Nickname or AKA _____________________

Student cell phone _____________________e-mail ______________________________________________

Student initials / Parent/guardian/caregiver initials


________   ________ Phones should be stored the entire time during class.  You can take a picture of your artwork before you leave during clean-up during the last 4-5 minutes of class.  There is NO calling, texting, responding to text, selfies, SNAPing, videoing, gaming, etc… during class.  Caregivers can contact the office if there is an emergency.

_______        ______    I have read, understand, conceptualize, & are familiar with 2018-19 MPS district                                                    policies in the student/parent handbook located at

_______       _______    I can locate OAS (Oklahoma Academic Standards for Fine Arts) at when needed

________      _______   I can locate NAEA National Standards at when needed

________      _______ I conceptualize the term “ORIGINAL” ideas concerning student artwork & “school appropriate

________     ________ I conceptualize and understand “Copyright” and “Copyright Infringement” laws of the U.S.A. information found at

_______        _______   I conceptualize and understand all “Studio Classroom Community Environment and Student Artist Expectations” for Mrs. Carnes’ Art I class

________      _______    I understand that there is Open Studio Time is available to all Art I students 8:10 am, lunch, T & TH afterschool 3:40-4:10 pm, located in E119 for extra time, make-up, and catch-up.  See me for a PASS.

________      ________   I can locate the Power School Parent Portal to check attendance and grades regularly.  Contact me first about all questions/inquiries related to grades, behavior, detention, special circumstances, etc…

________      ________   I am aware of the $30 Art I fee and due by September 21, 2018

________       ________   I can contact Mrs. Carnes at

_________     _________ I understand the all expectations of Art I and syllabus information

_________     ________ Students need to print (have a hard copy) of needed images to use in art projects             throughout the school year at home, the school library, or the public library prior to coming to class.  I do not have a student use printer.

_______       _________ I understand there is always a need for these donated items: facial tissue (Kleenex), cotton swabs (Q-tips), 94% rubbing alcohol, Prang or Crayola colored pencils, black ball point pens, gel pens, small travel spray bottles,

Date ____/_____/_____Student Signature ___________________________________

Parent/Guardian/Caregiver name (printed) ____________________________________________________

Date ____/____/_____   Signature ____________________________________________________________

Cell phone __________________________________ e-mail ______________________________________

It is up to the caregivers to keep updated phone numbers and e-mails so they can be contacted about detention or any relevant topic related to the student’s behavior or academic performance.

Return this page signed for a PROJECT to Mrs. Carnes E119