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Salina Montoya

Salina Montoya

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 About Me 
My Name is Salina Montoya and this is  my second year at Trails. This will be my fifth year in the classroom. I have two children and have been married to my husband Michael for 17 years. My husband is active duty military.  We have been fortunate to travel the country and that is what brought my family to the great state of Oklahoma. I am looking forward to another amazing year at Trails!
7:40- Intervention/Morning work/Morning Meeting
8:30- Math Block
9:50- Snack
10:00-Reading Block
11:15 Lunch and Recess
12:10- Journal/ D.E.A.R time
12:30 Phonics Flex Groups
1:25 Essentials
2:20-2:35 Daily Review, Pack up- Dismiss
Daily Folders: Please check the folders daily. First grade sight words are in the folder. Please study these each night. Reading minutes will be recorded on the snack calendar. Please read 20 minutes each night with your child and fill in reading minutes on the snack calendar. I will collect the reading logs at the end of each month. Every Monday I will send home your child's work from the previous week. 
Contact Information
e-mail: montoyas@mustangps.org
Phone: 405-324-0016
Plan Time: 1:30-2:20 (best time to contact) 


First Grade Sight Words

First Quarter
good   too   many   no   who   find   call   you   all   funny   friend   come   said   does   every pull   look   full   have   they   hold   what   away   sing   hear
Second Quarter
 down   some   little   of   put   live   now   their   fall   very   how   read   know   our   would   give   new   draw   off   why   after   goes   write   been   where
Third Quarter
eight   want   could   around   more   few   before   about   these   were   think   wash   talk   first   those   walk   laugh   because   both   or   don't   your   right   done   together
Fourth Quarter
family   always   people   once   seven   above   should   different   please   second   took  everyone   loved   most   nothing   heard   enough   across   ready   almost   maybe   myself  began   only   sometimes