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Rosario Chavez

Señora Rosario Chávez Room #G201 ELL & AP Spanish Language & Culture

My name is Rosario C. Chávez, I am an EL teacher here at MHS and I also teach one class of  AP Spanish Language & Culture because it is my BABY! This will be my 23nd year of  teaching Spanish and my 5th year of EL.   I am excited to teach these classes since these are two of my passions!    
A little about me, I have been teaching for 23 years.  In 2011, I earned my masters degree in Bilingual Education through UCO Seeds program, love my profesors!  I am from El Paso Texas but have been living here in Mustang for the last 29 years.  This year my husband, Victor and I celebrated 38 years of marriage (love him)!
 We have two daughters Samantha, and Sarah, both of them graduated from Mustang High School. Samantha is an academic advisor at UCO and she just earned her Masters this spring in Higher Education.  Sarah is a nurse and  GUESS WHAT?   I AM A GLAMMY!!!  Mila was born on the last day of school May 22, 2019, she is a perfect Child of God! Sarah and Daryl are her parents and  I am SO happy about it and look forward to her growing up and us being a part of her life!  We are also grandparents to two dogs; an Australian Shepard, Clay (Samantha's baby),  Sarah has Zeke, a Yorkie and now Mila too.  I also have a little pooch myself, she is a Maltese & Chihuahua , her name is Clarita, love them all!
My passions are to teach, travel, read and be around the people and things that I love!

Contact Information

 School Phone:  (405) 376-2404


Classroom:  G205


1st          Effective Learning Strategies
               (ELL 9th grade)
2nd        Effective Learning Strategies 
               (ELL 10th-12th grade)
3rd         AP SpanishLanguage
               & Culture 
Lunch 2    (11:25-11:55) Duty in Commons (SW Double Doors)
4th         ELL PULL OUT
5th         Plan
6th         ELL PULL OUT
7th         ELL PULL OUT