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Rondalyn Garrett

Rondalyn Garrett

About the teacher:

   This will be my 6th year to teaching Science at MNMS. I have been teaching Science for 11 years. I have been married for 10 years and we have a beautiful baby girl who just turned 4 in June. I am really excited to be starting a new school year and look forward to meeting all my 7th grade scientists!
Contact Information:
email: garrettr@mustangps.org  
(Email is the best way to contact me.)
phone: 405-324-2236

Introduction to the class:

   Students will be exploring concepts through and inquiry-based method completing many hands-on labs where they will be able to explore and draw their own conclusions. Students will collect and record data in Scientific Notebooks throughout the year. The function of this course will be to add on to prior knowledge in the area of astronomy, life science, physics, and chemistry.