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Roberta Roberts


I teach both Spanish and Skill Building Reading classes. Although I grew up in Northwest Oklahoma, my family and I have spent the majority of the last 17 years living in Latin America and are fluent in Spanish. We love tacos (al pastor), tamales, horchata (rice drink), and visiting new places. Language opened the doors for us to travel, meet incredible people, and to have awesome adventures, so I love encouraging others to broaden their horizons through learning Spanish. 
I taught both English as a Second Language and 6th-8th Grade Spanish classes in Putnam City Schools. I also taught Spanish and writing to native speakers for many years. I am proof that anyone can learn another language and succeed using it if they just set their mind to it. My goal is to inspire our students to desire to learn more Spanish and to have fun while we explore learning a language. It is challenging. It is sometimes difficult, but it is possible if we work together and embrace the challenge of trying something new. 
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Contact Me:

Room B-102
(405) 324-2236