No School On Thursday, October 29, 2020
Due to ongoing power issues, there will be no school tomorrow (10/29/2020).  This will include all after school & evening activities (including BroncoClub).

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Renee Hopper


Numbers and Numeration

Includes counting patterns; place value; reading, writing and modeling whole numbers up to 1,000,000; fractions, decimals, and integers

Operations and Computation

Includes automaticity with all addition and subtraction facts; extending multiplication and division facts to multi-digit problems; working with properties; operations with fractions and money; making reasonable estimates

Data and Chance

Includes collecting, organizing and displaying data using tables, charts, line plots, and graphs; exploring concepts of chance

Measurement and Reference Frames

Includes measuring lengths to the nearest 1/2 inch and 1/2 centimeter; describing relationships among units of length and time; finding the areas of rectangles; finding the perimeters of polygons; telling, showing, and writing time to the nearest minute


Includes exploring two and three dimensional shapes and exploring other geometric concepts

Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

Includes finding patterns on the number grid; solving frames-and-arrows puzzles having two rules; completing variations of "What's My Rule" activities; exploring the relationships between addition and subtraction and between multiplication and division using parenthesis in writing number models; naming missing parts of number models

Everyday Math Online

Our math curriculum has an amazing companion website for use at school and home. I will provide your child a user name and password to access the website. The login information you need will be available in your child's homework folder. This is a great tool for homework help, skills practice, and reference information. If your child loses his or her homework, you can even print a new homework page from the website. You can also find games to practice unit skills we are studying and demonstrations on how to solve some of our more difficult algorithms.

Fact Fluency


Fact Practice is very important!!!

Third graders should have mastered thier basic addition and subtraction facts to 20. Please continue to review and practice these facts with your child at home.

We will be adding multiplication and division facts during the school year. These facts will also need to be memorized. Please help your child memorize thier facts with regular practice at home.

Remember to make practice fun!!!

You can use flash cards, fact triangles, songs, online games and websites, even everyday activities that arise can privide opportunities for your child to practice.

We will be using Reflex Math. It is a fun online website for our students to practice fact fluency. They can also use Reflex Math at home too.



Everyday Math

3rd grade math curriculum


Reflex Math

Fluency Practice