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Reading Sufficiency Act Information for Parents
Reading Sufficiency Act Information for Parents

Mustang Public Schools

 RSA Law and Third Grade Promotion or Retention Requirements

What does it mean for my child?

The Reading Sufficiency Act of Oklahoma states that any 3 rd grade student who does not show proficiency in reading is subject to retention. Reading proficiency is determined through a variety of assessments including the STAR Reading assessment and the 3 rd Grade Oklahoma State Testing Program (OSTP). The STAR reading assessment will be given in the fall, winter, and spring, and the OSTP reading test will be given in April. To be promoted to the 4th grade, students must attain a scaled score of 393 on the STAR reading assessment, which is the end-of-year benchmark score, or they must meet the proficiency standards on the vocabulary and comprehension portions of the OSTP reading assessment at the end of the school year.

What about special situations?

The state legislature has recognized some good-cause exemptions to this law. They are as follows:

1. Limited English-proficient students who have had less than two (2) years of instruction in English and have a Language Instruction Education Plan (LIEP)

2. Students with an IEP that indicates that participation in the OSTP statewide test is not appropriate, and participate in the Diagnostic Learning Maps (DLM) assessment.

3. Students who demonstrate an acceptable level of performance on an alternative reading assessment

4. Students who demonstrate an acceptable level of performance through a student portfolio with multiple worksamples completed on-grade level, as well as demonstration of mastery of all essential components of literacy

5. Students with disabilities who participate in the OSTP state test AND who have an IEP in the area of reading AND documentation that the student has received intensive reading remediation for at least two (2) years AND were previously retained for one (1) year

6. Students who have received a program of intensive reading remediation for at least two (2) years and still demonstrate deficits in reading AND were previously retained for two (2) years.

7. Student faces exceptional emergency circumstances which prevent the student from being assessed during the OSTP testing window (must be approved by the Office of Accountability and Assessment)

What if my child does not meet any of the exemption requirements?

● Students who score below benchmark on our screening assessment will be placed on an Academic Progress Plan (M-APP) Reading progress will be closely monitored throughout the year.

● We will provide an alternate assessment. The ITBS test will be given in the spring and can be used as criteria for promotion.

● We will provide summer reading materials for students who have not met exemption requirements.

● Each school site will establish a Student Reading Proficiency Team. The student may be promoted to fourth grade if the team unanimously recommends “probationary promotion.” The team will continue to review the student’s performance annually until the student demonstrates proficiency.

How can I help my student at home?

Several studies have shown that the factor that has the biggest impact on a child’s reading is TIME. Those students that read at least 20 minutes every day will read 1.8 million words over the course of the year, while those that read 1 minute a day read only 8,000 words in a year. Finding the time to read just a little bit each day can have a huge impact on your child’s success over time. If you need help with finding material for your child to read, please contact your child’s teacher.

For additional ideas for helping your child to become a better reader, text @4cbbk to the number 81010.

Revised 4/2017

Please contact your child’s teacher with any additional questions.

School Arrival and Dismissal
Mustang Valley Elementary

Procedures for Car Riders

*When dropping off or picking up students, all vehicles MUST use the car rider lane off of SW 29th Street (northwest of the gym). The loop on the east side of the school is for school buses and daycare vans only.

*All vehicles MUST go through the drop off/pick up line. Vehicles SHOULD NOT park unless the parent is going into the school to talk to a teacher or go to the office.

*In order to avoid long car lines, feel free to drop you child off beginning at 7:15 AM. No supervision is provided before then.

*Two rows of traffic will be formed after entering the car rider lane. Duty teachers will direct parents as to when students should exit their cars. Please be aware of what is going on around you as multiple cars will unload at the same time.

*While in the car rider lane, parents should not get out of their vehicle to open car doors and help their child in/out. There will be staff members on duty if a child needs help entering/exiting a vehicle. ALL STUDENTS MUST EXIT ON THE PASSENGER SIDE OF THE CAR.

*At 7:40 am, the gate leading into the car rider lane will be closed. At that point, parents must drive to the front of the school and check their student in as they are considered tardy.

*During afternoon dismissal, if a parent forgets his/her car rider tag, he/she will have to drive to the office and show ID to the secretaries before the child is released.

*At no point should children be dropped off and left unescorted by an adult when coming to school.
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