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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences

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2019-2020 Schedule
Conferences are held in the evenings:
October 8 and 10, 2019
March 3 & 5, 2020
A conference will be scheduled with each child’s teacher.
In order to make your conference a profitable one, we would like to suggest some things you might want to ask about and some things you might want to tell the teacher.

You may want to ask the teacher:
1. Does my child participate in classroom activities?
2. Does he/she show self-control in school?
3. How does my child get along with others?
4. Can my child handle the learning materials of the grade?
5. Does he/she seem to enjoy reading in his/her spare time?
6. Is his/her comprehension suitable to his/her grade level?
7. How does my child read orally?
8. Does he/she know the number facts?
9. Can my child express thoughts and ideas clearly?
10. How is his/her written communication?
11. Does my child seem happy in school?
12. Is he/she accepted by other children?

You may want to tell the teacher:
1. Which school activities your child talks about at home.
2. What responsibilities your child handles at home.
3. If anything has happened lately at home that might affect your child’s performance at school.
4. Which classmates your child sees at home.
5. Some of your child’s favorite activities outside of school.
6. How you discipline your child at home.
7. What your child’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Sharing information about your child with his/her teacher will enable us to provide a learning program that
will best meet the needs of your child.