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The purpose of MEPTSO is to aid the students, teachers, and staff of Mustang Elementary School in their educational needs through fundraising and family activities. We will promote open communication between administration, faculty, parents, and the community to enhance our children's educational environment.

> MEPTSO Officers:
> President- Christi Wetzel & Brittney Reed
> Vice President- Brandi Duffel & Samantha Kimball
> 2nd Vice President- Dana Moon & Emily Howeth
> Treasurer- Tarah Neugebauer & Sarah Sharp
> Secretary- Jocelyn Gramajo & Meleah McClain
For any questions or inquiries, we can best be reached on Facebook at facebook.com/meptso or by emailing us at meptso67@gmail.com. You can also call the school at 376-2491 and leave us a message.  
> Please follow us at Facebook.com/meptso  and Twitter  @meptso67.