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Oklahoma History

About the Teacher...

Why Oklahoma? I am a 4th generation Oklahoman.  3 of my grandfathers settled in Oklahoma during the 1889 land run.  My 2nd Great Grandfather H. C. Schilling settled, near the park named after him, just south of the Oklahoma River off  SE 25th and South Central Avenue.  He was the first mayor of Capitol Hill and hosted Teddy Roosevelt at his home in 1905.  My 2nd Great Grandfather James L. Long settled on Chouteau Creek just north of Lexington, Ok.  I have family that helped write our state constitution, one that helped steal the state seal, one that rode with Capt. David Payne's boomer movement,  and one that served as a US Deputy Marshall under Judge Issac Parker. I am rooted deep in this state. I have personally visited every county of this Great State and have been recently trying to visit every town.  I am a life member/Voting member of the Oklahoma Historical Society.   I have also written articles in newspapers and periodicals, The Chronicles Of Oklahoma, and have a travel blog about the places I visit called Oklahoma Vertekker.  

Course Description

The following information will provide you with the expectations of the class. In an effort to avoid any future misunderstandings, the class requirements, policies, rules, and procedures have been outlined in detail. Please read carefully and feel free to ask any questions.


You cannot graduate without passing Oklahoma History!


Course Description

The study of Oklahoma History and state government, requires students to examine the historic, as well as contemporary people and events that have formed and continue to transform the state. Students will demonstrate an understanding of important political and ideological movements, as well as economic, cultural, and social accomplishments of individuals and groups making a lasting impact not merely on our region, but on the progress of the nation. 


Student Evaluation

**Student achievement will be assessed through coursework, chapter quizzes, and exams at the end of each unit of study.

**Many assignments will be completed in class. However, some will need to be completed at home. Students should also spend time each week reviewing the daily lessons and studying notes to prepare for tests.

Grades are based on exams, quizzes (map and identifications), and coursework.


Grade Categories                                                                    Percent of Grade

 Formative Assessments (Tests and Quizzes)                          60%

 Summative Assessments (Dailywork)                                      40%


Extra Credit:  

Extra credit will be offered multiple times throughout the semester. It is the responsibility of the student to complete and turn in this extra credit on time. No late extra credit will be taken. Extra credit will be offered in a variety of ways.


Missing and Late Work:

Missing work: If a student has missed class it is their responsibility to get their work either before they leave or when they return to class. The student will have the equivalent amount of days they missed class to complete their missing work and turn it in for full credit.

Late work: Late work will be accepted for half credit if done correctly and completely, only for the chapter that we are currently on. After we complete the chapter no late work will be accepted.


Makeup Tests and Quizzes:

If the student has missed class, it is their responsibility to schedule a time to take their test or quiz either before or during lunch.  After school tests, can be arranged with another teacher

Test Retake: Students are allowed to retake a test to see if the student has received the content.  Student will have to take the full test during a time arranged with the teacher to be retaken.   Forms are available to make these arrangements. 



If a student is caught cheating on an exam, quiz, project, presentation, or assignment that student will receive an automatic zero. If a student is caught helping another student cheat or copy their work that student will receive a 50% deduction from their assignment, quiz, project, or presentation. If a student is caught helping another student cheat on an exam that student will also receive a 0%.


Accommodations and Extra Help:

It is the responsibility of the student to sit down with the teacher and discuss what accommodations the student will need to maximize their understanding and educational achievement. If a student wants or needs extra help on homework, projects and presentations, or understanding a concept I will be available before or after school, or during lunch upon student request. If you are having trouble with this class come to me immediately and I will be able to help you and work with you. If you wait until the end of the semester it will be TOO LATE! I will be available to help you so you can be successful in the class!  



Classroom Rule

You can do anything you want in this class, provided it does not cause a problem for anyone else.

Consequences for Infractions of the Rule

I will apply whatever discipline is necessary, on an individual basis, based on maintaining a dignified and respectful classroom.


Hopefully, you will find the class and our demeanor entertaining and enjoyable. In order to guarantee each student an appropriate learning environment, I will insist on compliance with the procedures above.


Embedded Image for:  (201681918643776_image.jpg) To join the Oklahoma History Remind Text @ImAnOkie to 81010

Possible ways of earning extra points :-)

Tuesday Trivia, Adventure Credit, and Famous OKlahomans

Tuesday Trivia:  Every Tuesday a trivia question will be messaged out on Remind at 7:30 am.  First person to respond with the right answer will recieve 5 points added to thier grade.  One response from each student.  
Oklahoma Movies:  Below is a list of movies fimed in Oklahoma and about Oklahoma.  Answer the 8 questions in detail at the end of the printout.   
Adventure Credit: If you plan a trip somewhere in the state, please stop an have fun somewhere.  Anything from state parks, lakes, history sites, museums, family land, etc.  Write an essay about it.  Tell me about the adventure.  The more you put into it, the more your will get out of it.
Famous Oklahoman's: Write an essay about a famous Oklahoman.  Choose one from the wall.  Essay should be written well and about a page in length.  
Disclaimer:  Students are only allowed three of the extra assignments for credit.  What they put into them is what they get out of them.  

Oklahoma Movie List Printout

Online Textbook

Oklahoma History Syllabus