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5-4-2020 Multiplying Binomials- F.O.I.L.
4-27-2020  Distance Learning Week 4 New Content- Multiplyimg Polynomials
4-20-2020 Distance Learning Week 3 New Content Notes Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
4-13-2020 Distance Learning Week 2- New Material Solving Syatems by Elimination
4-6-2020 Distance Learning Week 1-New Material  Solving Systems By Substitution 
3-4-2020 Solving Systems by Graphing Flip Book
3-3-2020 Solving Systems By Graphing
2-24-2020 Scatter Plots & Line of Best Fit
2-18-2020 Writing Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
2-14-2020 Identifying Parallel and Perpendicular 
2-7-2020 Point Slope Nptes Part 2 
2-5-2020 Point-Slope Formula Notes Part 1
1-29-2020 Linear Equation-Converting Standard to Slope Intercept
1-27-2020 Slope Intercept Notes
1-22-2020 Slope Formula Notes
1-16-2020 Slope Notes
1-10-2020 Standard Form Graphing
1-9-2020 Writing Standard Form Linear Equations Notes
 1-8-2020 Identifying Linear
12-2-2019 Compound Inequality Notes
11-18-2019 Multi-Step Inequality Notes
11-7-2019 Inequality Review notes
10-24-2019 Domain & Range Notes
10-22-2019 Coordinate Plane Review Notes
10-21-2019 Graphing Relationship Notes
10-9-2019 Absolute Value Equations
9-30-2019 Variables On Both Sides Notes
9-25-2019 Multi-Step Equations Notes
9-16-2019 2 Step Equation Word Problems
9-16-2019 1 & 2 Step Equation Notes
8-30-2019 Combinig Like Terms and Distributive Property
8-26-2019 Absolute Value and Order of Operations Notes
8-23-2019 Integer Review Notes