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All Oklahoma Public Schools Are Closed Through The End Of The 2019-2020 School Year

At this time, all schools and offices are not scheduled to reopen until the 2020-2021 school year begins

We will be working on plans for PreK Roundup, Central Enrollment, & more - those will be communicated ASAP.

You may contact us by email in the event of an urgent need or emergency, and we will respond as soon as possible.


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Nancy Matheson

The Vision

The Vision for Visual Art   
To provide every student with opportunities to develop & use the visual language,
to build creative critical thinking skills,
to pursue personal expression through art exploration & production,
to experience & appreciate the art of others throughout history & diverse cultures.

Visual Art Class Information

Visual Art for 5th & 6th Grade

Nancy Matheson, NBCT, Visual Art Specialist

 Art Supplies

 Ø Visual Art is an elective course in which students produce personal art for shows and to keep. 

       Art students are not required to bring any art supplies. 

              *However, because of the rising costs of art supplies and equipment we are requesting that all students donate $5.00 to help with those costs.
  •  We do not recieve any funding for Art class supplies from the district. Our financial support for supplies and equiptment comes directly from our students and families through gifts and donations.

Ø All art requested funds go directly to buy the best art supplies and equipment possible so students may have a rewarding learning experience in art, exploring self-expression while practicing creative problem solving skills.    

  •  The class that brings the highest percentage of their fee's back wins an art party, the privilege to listen to their own music on their devices during studio time and a few other benefits as opportunities arise. 

Ø Thank you for all financial support that allows our students to have a high quality art program.

                                                                                              Grading Policies
 Student grades are given as Letter Grades and Percentages.

Studio Courtesy is always observed in the Canyon Ridge Visual Art Studio

                                                                 6th Grade Art Field Trip

The 6th grade have a special opportunity to participate in an Art Field trip to the

 Oklahoma City Museum of Art and The Land Run Monument. 

This trip is fully funded by the OKC Museum of Art,

without which, our students would not be able to 

experience such a wide variety of professional artwork

from some of the most prestegious artists in the country. 

       The date of the field trip will be announced at the beggining of each quarter.       

   Parents are encouraged to be a sponsor.


If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact me at any time through the school office and I will return your call as soon as possible.



Nancy Matheson, NBCT,

Visual Art Specialist

Canyon Ridge Intermediate School

405-256 -6955


CRI Website: Nancy Matheson, Art



Contact Me


Nancy Matheson, NBCT  

 Canyon Ridge Intermediate 

Room E 100 


6th Grade Field trip


Art Field Trip

The 6th grade have a special opportunity to participate in an Art Field trip to

the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and The Centenial Land Run Monument.


The scheduled trip for the 4th quarter will be  


Wednesday, April 1st, 2020
Parents are encouraged to be a sponsor.
There are no charges to the students or parent sponsors. 
However, all students and parent sponsors will be responsible to purchase their own lunch.
Most lunches can be purchased for less than $10.00.
Bagged lunches are not permitted.