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Miranda Carr

Miranda Carr

Welcome to my webpage.  I am so glad to be your child's teacher this year.  The best way to reach me is through email,  You can also call me at 376-2409.  There is a feature on Remind that you are able to send me text.  Please look to the right for important times, helpful links, and upcoming events.  I look forward to working with you and your child to make this a successful year!


Read 20 minutes every night and record on monthly log

Practice Math facts for 10 minutes every night and record on monthly log

Everyday Math Home Links- most nights
Reading Buddies- Thursday night
Spelling Test- Friday 

Helpful Reading Tips

Reading Tips

Even if your child is motivated to read, supporting his/her with a variety of ways and options will keep her momentum going. Here are 7 tips to open up the wonderful world of reading for your child.
• Reading Tip for Parents: What’s “Just Right”? Children feel confident and competent when they read books that are “just right.” But how do you find a “just right” book? Have your child read the back and front cover, and first page of the book. If there are more than five words that he cannot pronounce or understand in context, the book may be too challenging. Be supportive about finding a more perfect fit. Choosing the right book will help your little reader feel successful.
• Reading Tip for Parents: Map it Out It’s important to provide your child with a variety of fiction and non-fiction reading. A fun way to do this is to get a map and show them the way from your house to the grocery store or another familiar destination. Have your child write out the directions, street by street, and then read them to you as you walk or drive to the store – like a living GPS!
• Reading Tip for Parents: Card Tricks Do you think effective reading only takes place at libraries and book stores? Think again! There are reading opportunities everywhere. Go to a greeting card store with your child and read the greeting cards together. Later, vote for the ones whose words convey the best birthday wish or get-well sentiment.
• Reading Tip for Parents: Picture This! During your next outing or gathering, take action-packed photos, then have your child create captions to go with each picture. Assemble the pictures and captions in a picture book or album, and add speech and thought bubbles to create a personalized – and probably hysterical -- graphic novel.
• Reading Tip for Parents: Last Comic Standing Take time to read comic strips together. Share favorites from your own childhood and have your child put his favorites on the fridge. Read them aloud, and often -- repetition is a great way to build reading skills. Soon, he’ll love looking forward to the “Sunday funnies” each week.
• Reading Tip for Parents: Become a Fan Your child will soon develop a love for particular authors and illustrators. Nurture her fan-ship by helping her write a letter to her favorite author. Many authors have their own websites with contact information, but here’s a great place to start your search ( You can also contact the book’s publisher, the mailing address for which can often be found on the back of the title page or on the publisher’s Web site.
• Reading Tip for Parents: Labels of Love Word recognition and vocabulary are important parts of reading. On a rainy day, get some paper and tape and start labeling everything in your home -- from furniture to small knick-knacks. Reading these labels repeatedly will build your child’s mental word bank. If your family is bilingual, create labels in both languages.

Spelling Words

1. load
2. open
3. told
4. yellow
5. soak
6. shadow
7. foam
8. follow
9. glow
10. sold
11. window
12. coach
13. almost
14. throat
15. cold
16. most
17. tomorrow
18. sailboats

Upcoming Events

Sept. 2nd- No school
Sept. 6th- dress western
Sept. 7th- Fun Run/ Western Days 
Sept 12th- No school
Sept 13th- No school 
Sept 23- S and B burger night
Oct. 1st- Picture Day
Oct- 8th and 10th- Parent teacher conference
 Oct 16-18th- FALL BREAK     

Important Times

Specials/planning: 11:20-12:15

Lunch and Recess: 12:50-12:35
Computer: 10:15-11:00 (Wednesday)
GATE:  (Thursday)