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Matthew Harding

Welcome to Coach Harding's Page!

Syllabus For Coach Harding's Algebra 1 Class

Algebra 1 Course Syllabus                                                        Mr.Harding


Contact Information:               Planning Period:  3rd hour (11:05-11:55)

                                                     E-mail address:


Major concepts:                        Relations and Functions

                                                   Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

                                                   Linear Equations and Inequalities

                                                   Systems of Equations

                                                   Polynomials and Factoring

                                                   Quadratic Functions 


Classroom Expectations:           Come prepared to participate and learn.


Grading Scale:             A=90-100                               Grading Policy:                70% Assessments      

                                     B=80-89                                                                      30%Homework                                                               C=70-79                                                                                                                                                               D=60-69                                                                                                                                                               F=59 and below                                                          


Homework:      Traditional homework will not be given in this class. However we will have class work at least three (3) times a week, along with a quiz once a week. Classwork will be given, completed, and graded in class. What is not completed by the allotted time will be counted as incomplete and marked wrong, but be assured I will always give you plenty of time to finish your assignment.

If you miss school for any reason it is your responsibility to let me know in advance so you can pick up your work for the period you will be gone. You will have the same amount of time you were gone plus one (1) extra day to get the work back to me. After that, every day I do not have it you will lose two (2) points off of your total amount for that assignment.


Supplies:         Composition notebook, Kleenex, Scotch tape, Expo dry erase markers, pencils,

                        TI-30XS Multi-view calculator


Parent info:       Parent Portal is available for you to access your student’s information including grades.  Contact the main office for more information. To receive class updates text @hardingmto 81010


Algebra 1 is an End of Instruction (EOI) tested class.  Students must pass the Algebra 1 EOI in order to graduate from high school. Please encourage your child to be prepared each day and to be a determined learner.


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Contact Information
Plan Period-11:05-11:55 M-F
Class Room-215 C