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Mandi Freeman

Welcome to Algebra 1 with Ms. Freeman!
Name: Mandi Freeman
Room #: C211
Plan: 1st hour 8:40-9:30AM 
I keep all of the notes as well as review sheets on google classroom. There, the students will find study materials as well as a calendar.
Our Algebra 1 team leader also has a website where she keeps notes and extra study materials!
Here's the link to Mrs. Berry's website:
I do have a remind and you are free to contact me there as well as email. 
Here is a copy of my syllabus!

Algebra 1  // Ms. Mandi Freeman // 2nd 3rd  & 4th  HOURS


Contact Information:  email:

Plan: 1st hour- 8:40-9:30

Major Concepts:  Relations & Functions, Linear Equations & Inequalities, Systems of Linear Equations

                             Polynomials & Factoring, Exponential Functions, Data Analysis/Statistics/Probability

Grading: The majority of work will be designed to finish in class. Class participation will be EXTREMELY important in this class. We use many hands on activities and many different manipulatives to learn the concepts.  This type of work can’t be made up because we are doing it together in class.  Most of our practice is done in class so a student shouldn’t have a lot of homework.  However, if a student does not complete his work in class, he/she is expected to complete the assignment at home.  Grades will be determined using the following guideline:  Assessments 70% of grade and Daily/Participation Work 30% of grade. Daily work is generally between 10-20 points. Assessments are generally between 50-100 points. We will keep an interactive notebook where all of their notes will be kept. This is kept in their backpack so they always have it available when working.  For every day a paper is late, 2 points may be deducted. Test/Quiz retakes are allowed if students have completed all of the assignments in the objective being tested/quizzed.

Classroom Expectations: 1. Come to class prepared to participate and learn

                                            2. Be respectful of the teacher, others, and yourself

                                            3. Always work hard and Don’t Give Up!

                                            4. Follow Mustang High School rules and procedures

                                            5. Cell phone use is prohibited without teacher permission.

  • Parent Portal is available for you to access your student’s information including grades. Contact the main office for more information.
  • Please check out our algebra 1 webpage by going to . We keep a calendar of upcoming lessons and activities in class. All of our notes are posted on the site so that a student can see all of the notes and get caught up when absent.  We post review sheets with answers there before tests and will also put other problems for extra practice for those that want or need it.  
  • I will send class information and reminders via text message using Remind 101.  To sign up, text @freeman234 to 81010.

=         Supplies

o    1 Composition Notebook (Needed by Wednesday August 21st)

o    Scotch tape- 2-4 rolls (used for student interactive notebooks)

o    Expo Dry Erase markers- 2-4 black only (used for student dry erase boards)

o    Notebook paper & Pencils (kept in student backpack)

o    1 pack of  bright colored copy paper (will be used for interactive notebooks)

o    TI-30XS Multi View Calculator- same calculator as 8th grade

o    Kleenex

Please read, sign, and return the bottom portion of this syllabus by Friday August 23, 2018. Supplies are also due at this time.  

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