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Lyndon Hepner

Contact Information

Course Syllabus

The following information will provide you with the expectations of the class. In an effort to avoid any future misunderstandings, the class requirements, policies, rules, and procedures have been outlined in detail. Please read carefully and feel free to ask any questions.

Course Description

World History is a subject that embraces all humanity, not just certain nations, ethnic groups, or civilizations. It helps us to think about what it means to be human and about the characteristics that all humans have in common. It emphasizes the history, problems, and challenges that humans have shared simply because they are humans. World history is shared knowledge that citizens, whatever their country allegiance, need to function on our planet in the twenty-first century. The complexity of human interrelations today means that our understanding of others must be global in range and depth. We will do this through the following topics of study:

                        -World religions, Political Ideals of Ancient and Classical Societies

                        -Renaissance and Reformation

                        -Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment

                        -Industrial Revolution and the World Wars

                        -Post WWII Events and Transformations

                        -Contemporary Global Issues and Challenges

Student Evaluation

Grade Categories               Percent of Grade

                        Assessments                                                60%

                        Coursework                                      40%

**Student achievement will be assessed through coursework and assessments at the end of each unit of study.

**Students may correct missed test questions before or after school within ONE week of receiving your test score back.

**Many assignments will be completed in class. However, some will need to be completed at home. Students should also spend time each week reviewing the daily lessons and studying notes to prepare for tests.

Absences and Tardies

**Although absences are discouraged, I understand that life circumstances may sometimes arise. If you are absent, YOU are responsible for collecting the make-up work.

**A tardy will given to any student who arrives after class has begun. Three tardies will result in detention and be recorded as on absence from school.


Missing/Absent Work and Extensions

**Missing work will be accepted up to ONE week from the end of a unit. No missing assignments will be accepted after this deadline.

**Students have as many days as they were absent PLUS one day to turn in their work.

**I understand that situations may arise that will make it hard to complete an assignment on time. An extension may be permitted if the student speaks to me and gains my permission prior to the assignment due date.

Extra Credit

**The best extra credit is to do your work when it is originally assigned and not fall behind in class. However, you may have opportunities to complete extra credit throughout the semester.


Feel free to change any of the following to suit your specific classroom needs.

No-Name Papers

**Any assignment without a name written on it will be thrown away and not graded. If it is not important to you to claim your work, then I will not worry about putting a grade on the assignment.


Hall Passes

Students have a passing period between each class, so be sure to make all stops and have all your materials before you come to class. If there is an emergency and you need to leave the room, please talk to me.

Classroom Management

Classroom Rule

You can do anything you want in this class, provided it does not cause a problem for anyone else.

Consequences for Infractions of the Rule

I will apply whatever discipline is necessary, on an individual basis, based on maintaining a dignified and respectful classroom.


Hopefully, you will find the class and my demeanor entertaining and enjoyable. In order to guarantee each student an appropriate learning environment, I will insist on compliance with the procedures above.

Class Schedule

1st- 8:40-9:30
2nd- Plan/Conference
3rd- 10:30-11-:20
4th 11:25-12:15
5th 12:55-1:45
6th 1:50-2:40
7th- Football Field