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Lindsay Riggs

Coach Riggs' Health Class

 Health Syllabus:

Course Description:  In this class, students will learn the information on choosing important health, lifestyle, and nutrition decisions.  Students will learn the importance of a well-maintained lifestyle. Main topics that will be discussed nutrition, mental and social health, safety, and physical activity.  The goal of the class will be for by the end of the semester students to be able to make better informed decisions for one's well-being. 

Expectations:   1. Be respectful of everyone in class
                            2. Be on time
                                          3. Have all materials needed for class
                                          4. Keep phones put away and on silent
                                          5. Learn something and have fun. 

Materials Needed: Students will need one spiral notebook that will be kept in class for notes.  Any other class room donations, such as expo markers, kleenex, germ-x will be accepted at any time.  

Absences: Students will be responsible to get any missing assignments or information missed.  If an assignment or test needs to be made up at school, please make sure to make arrangements with me. 

Grade Scale:         A 90-100
                                              B 80-89
                                              C 70-79
                                              D 60-69
  F 59-0 

Bell Schedule:   1st hour- 8:40-9:30
                                          2nd hour- 9:35-10:25
                                          3rd hour- 10:30-11:20
                                          4th hour -12:00-12:50
                                          5th hour- 12:55-1:50
                                          6th hour- 1:50-2:40 (Plan Time)
                                          7th hour- 2:45-3:45 (Soccer)

Contact Info: At any given time if student or parent needs contact with Coach Riggs, please send an email at  My plan is during 6th hour.

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