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Libby Smith

Sra. Smith


Sra. Smith

¡Bienvenido a la página web de la Señora Smith! La Senora Smith enseña la clase de Español 2 y la clase de Pre-AP Español 3.   Ella tiene treinta y un años de experiencia con las Escuelas de Mustang, y es una orgullosa Mustang Bronco Alumni. El objetivo de sus clases es promover la comunicación en el idioma español, así como la comprensión de la cultura hispana. La investigación actual apoya la idea de que el aprendizaje de una segunda lengua apoya el logro académico, proporciona beneficios cognitivos, y desarrolla una mejor comprensión de nuestra comunidad global.

Welcome to Mrs. Smith's web page! Mrs. Smith teaches Spanish 2 and Pre-AP Spanish 3. She has thirty one years of experience with Mustang Schools, and is a Proud Mustang Bronco Alumni. The objectives of her classes are to promote communication in the Spanish Language, as well as understanding of the Hispanic Culture. Current research supports the idea that learning a second language supports academic achievement, provides cognitive benefits, and develops a better understanding of our global community.

Class Supplies

These are the recommended supplies for this class:
1 half-inch 3 ring binder
5tabbed dividers
2 red grading pens
1 pkg notebook paper
*If you would like to make a classroom donation, the following is a list of supplies that will be used throughout the course of the school year.  These are listed in order of greatest need.
   -facial tissues
   -colored copy paper
   -red ink pens 
   -dry erase markers
   -hand sanitizer

Contact Information

Libby Smith
Phone:  405-376-2461
Plannning Period: 5th Hour 12:55 - 1:45 

Course Syllabi

Sra. Smith's Google Website

Google Classroom

Sra. Smith will extensively use Google Classroom.  Students will be responsible for joining and utilizing Google Classroom.  Instructions will be given in class.  If a student has limited access to technology at home, he or she will always be welcome to make arrangements to come to Sra. Smith's classroom before or after school, or at lunch in order to use a Google Chromebook.  The following codes will be used for each class to join Google Classroom:
1st Hour: 1wvpnwx
2nd Hour: InOIxx
3rd Hour: sdza5w
4th Hour: uvxjkok
6th Hour: 6avqn1d
7th Hour: zm1oI5t 

Remind 101

Text the appropriate code below to the number 81010 for reminders from Sra. Smith:
1st Hour Spanish 2 -  @ec46a2
2nd Hour Pre-AP Spanish 3 - @3b9kka
3rd Hour Spanish 2 - @aac3eba
4th Hour Pre-AP Spanish 3 - @b6cbaa
6th Hour Spanish 2 - @b4h22e
7th Hour Spanish 2 - @hd2382

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