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Leiha Chaisson

End of Year Procedure

You survived and made it to the end of the year! Really wish the end of the school year would've gone differently. I missed my students an insane amount. Wishing them all the best as they adventure into the next school year. Please know that I am always here to help them, if they need it. Once their teacher, always their teacher. 


I do have important information. Please mark your calendars:


Textbook Drop-off: Monday, May 18, thru Friday, May 22 in the Old Gym from 9:00am-3:00pm.


Notebooks: In my class, students kept a notebook throughout the school year with information. This will be extremely useful for them in future science classes as well as the state science test they take Junior year. They can use it to remember topics kinda like a study guide. If their notebook is in my room, please have them come get their notebooks from me at the beginning of next school year.



At this time, yearbooks have not arrived. Due to COVID-19, processing plants were not working at the normal rate. Ms. Silk will keep us updated (I ordered one, too). If you did not order one, she will have extras for purchase. I recommend staying up to date via as well as the Mustang Facebook page.

Learning Schedule

Chaisson's Biology Class

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Class Info:
Biology is a class where we will have fun learning about how life works! We use a variety of science and engineering practices to help us make connections and understand disciplinary core ideas to the Biology field. Our class is standards-based and student-led. I really try to focus on student learning for all and meet the students where they are on the life science journey. Some of the topics we will cover are natural selection, population dynamics, energy and matter in systems, protein synthesis, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration. Please join my Remind by following the link to the side to stay up to date on everything in class. 
A Little Info about Me
My name is Leiha Chaisson. I will be your science teacher for the year, and would love to share a little information with you. I am a Mustang Bronco through and through. I graduated from MHS in 2002. My husband and I have a 13 year-old son at Central Middle and a 7 year-old daughter at Mustang Trails. We have two dogs and a bearded dragon. I have always enjoyed learning about the world around us and questioning how things work.
We will be covering a ton of exciting things this year! You will find out that I love rules, but I also love to have fun! I will try to make sure to encompass everyone's learning style. We will do some reading, some writing, some drawing, and a ton of hands-on activities!
I look forward to working together!

Please Watch - Message from Mrs. Chaisson

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