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All Oklahoma Public Schools Are Closed Through The End Of The 2019-2020 School Year.
At this time, all schools and offices are not scheduled to reopen until the 2020-2021 school year begins.
We will be working on plans to re-open Central Enrollment after April 6, 2020.

You may contact us by email in the event of an urgent need or emergency, and we will respond as soon as possible.


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Leiha Chaisson

Chaisson's Biology Class

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Current Content: 
Times are uncertain at the moment. We are uncertain what class may look like in the coming weeks. Please know that we will we still be completing our state standards, but it may look a little different. Please enjoy the time off with your loved ones. We will pick back up after April 5th. You are very missed! 
We will be using to review during our down time for anyone who is wanting the extra practice or is wanting to fill the time.
Here is this week's review: 

March 25th-27th:  Experimental Design:

Wed: Read and Start Practice (Can redo practice as much as needed) 
Thurs: Watch the Gummy Bear Lab and Science Inquiry Videos. Read over the summary and answer the review questions. Send the question answers in a Remind message to me if you want. 
Fri: Pick one of the 2 Science Friday Videos to watch. Outline what their experimental design was: a) Independent and Dependent Variables b) Controlled Variables c) Control and Experimental Groups d) Experimental Procedure Summary (e) Data Collection Procedure Summary

Important Dates:
  • Monday, March 23rd, thru Sunday, April 5th - Schools Closed per OSDE for Safety
Please sign up for Remind in the link section to stay up-to-date! 
Class Info:
Biology is a class where we will have fun learning about how life works! We use a variety of science and engineering practices to help us make connections and understand disciplinary core ideas to the Biology field. Our class is standards-based and student-led. I really try to focus on student learning for all and meet the students where they are on the life science journey. Some of the topics we will cover are natural selection, population dynamics, energy and matter in systems, protein synthesis, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration. Please join my Remind by following the link to the side to stay up to date on everything in class. 
A Little Info about Me
My name is Leiha Chaisson. I will be your science teacher for the year, and would love to share a little information with you. I am a Mustang Bronco through and through. I graduated from MHS in 2002. My husband and I have a 13 year-old son at Central Middle and a 7 year-old daughter at Mustang Trails. We have two dogs and a bearded dragon. I have always enjoyed learning about the world around us and questioning how things work.
We will be covering a ton of exciting things this year! You will find out that I love rules, but I also love to have fun! I will try to make sure to encompass everyone's learning style. We will do some reading, some writing, some drawing, and a ton of hands-on activities!
I look forward to working together!
Phone: 405.376.2404


Syllabus for regular Biology
Syllabus for PreAP Biology
This is a contract signed by the students/parents that safety rules will be followed.