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Kimber Newton

About me!

Welcome to my page! I am Ms. Newton and I am a 7th Grade Science teacher at Mustang Central! I am new to Mustang, so what better way to kick things off than to be a part of this brand new school! We have some exciting goals for MCMS, and my personal goal is to be an inspiration to your students and to encourage them to want to accomplish everything they set their hearts on! I believe that these kids are going to do great things and all they need are the tools to succeed. More than just a science curriculum, they need to develop the personal and social skills to help them on their journey in life. My vision is for them to leave my classroom ready to make a positive impact in the world. Your children are the future doctors, teachers, CEOs, nurses, engineers, coaches, first responders, world leaders, artists, writers, military, explorers, data analysts, energy pioneers, parents, and so many other endless possibilities! I want to see these kids ignite their passion for learning and most importantly, for them to be kind and to know that they have the potential to inspire others around them. I can’t wait to start this new journey at Mustang Central and look forward to molding some young scientists to send up to 8th grade! 

I recently moved to Mustang from Lawton where I taught 7th Grade Science and Geography. I love this community already and the school district has blown me away. There is so much support,and I think each of us is blessed to be a part of it! I spend my time outside of school with my family. I don’t have many hobbies other than shopping. Ha! I love my Sooners more than words, and I love the Yankees. I like to spend time outdoors with my boyfriend (when it isn’t 100+ degrees outside)! I love fall the most because, well, it’s the best. There’s football, pumpkins, colorful leaves, cool air, cardigans, and so many other things that make it special! If you have any questions this year please don’t hesitate to email or call me! We are a team here at MCMS and the parents are a key part of that team! 

Have a great year,

Ms. Newton 


Contact info

Email- newtonk@mustangps.org
Phone- 405-256-5275 


Planning Hour- 2nd 9:38-10:28