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Kaitlyn Dunbar

Mrs.Dunbar's Biology Class

Distance Learning

Mustang Public Schools will be implementing distance learning at the request of the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Our administration and staff have been working diligently to build a distance program to help all of our students learn while they are away from the school building. Distance learning does not mean online only learning; it is and directed learning that occurs away from a physical building. There will be online options, but also printed packets as well. Please monittor Mustang Public School's main website and social media for all updates. 
All teachers have been working very hard to ensure the best delivery of their praticular area. Please be patient with yourself and with us as we navigate through this uncharted territory.  

Welcome To Biology!!

This year we will be studying all aspects of biology including: Genetics, Adaptations, Ecosystems, Cycling of Matter and Energy, and Cellular Systems. This course is built to be very hands on and investagative. We will be studying various phenomena and exploring the world of biology through labs and other activites. 

About Me:

Hi I'm Mrs. Dunbar your Biology teacher! I grew up in Southern California and moved to Oklahoma 8 years ago. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree. My favorite classes in college were ecology and botany. During my undergrad I worked on dendroecology research looking at the effects of climate on tree growth. The data we collected was published on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Study Page. For the last eight years I have worked in veterinary medicine. I look forward to my new career in teaching and imparting my love of science. I love to spend my free time outdoors with my husband and 8-month-old son or showing my horses. 



Ist Hour: Biology - 8:40 - 9:30
2nd Hour: Biology - 9:35 - 10:25
3rd Hour: Biology - 11:05 - 11:55
4th Hour: Biology - 12:00 - 12:50
5th Hour: Biology - 12:55 - 1:45
6th Hour: Biology - 1:50 - 2:40
7th Hour: PLAN - 2:45 - 3:35 

Contact Information

Phone: (405) 294-2658 through Google Voice
Office Hours: Wednesdays 12:30pm - 2:30pm
I will be availbe to schedule Google Meet as needed. I can answer questions, help with enrichment activites, or just check in. Google Meet will only be used for student interactions. Parents, please contact me via email or phone. 
Just a quick reminder - I am here to help anyway possible, but I am not on call 24/7. Please allow 24 hours for response to all emails, messages, or phone calls. 



Google Classroom

Assignments will be available through Google Classroom starting April 6th. Please let me know if you need class codes. 
Grades will not be negatively impacted during distance learning.
The enrichment activities are available to help you further your knowledge.