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Judy Kuczynski

Mustang Virtual Academy

Rooms G110, G112
Hours: 1st - 7th (4th hour is Plan)
Mustang Virtual Academy

Educate, Elevate, Empower


Mustang Virtual Academy uses a blend of digital instruction and one-on-one instruction that has been shown to improve student comprehension and achievement. Mustang Virtual Academy students are students who are not being optimally served by the common classroom for any number of reasons.

These are students who will benefit from blended learning:

Students who are on pace with fellow cohorts but desire greater control over their educational experience Students who are advanced and desire an accelerated course pace Students who are behind and want to recover credits while still remaining or pace with graduation class

**Mustang Virtual Academy is not a remedy for disruptive or dangerous students. Nor is it a remedy for disengaged or delinquent students.

The blended learning model is a formal education program in which a student learns:

• at least in part through online learning, with some element of student control over time,

place, path, and/or pace;

• at least in part through a supervised brick-and-mortar location on the traditional campus;

The blended learning model will be unique for each student while also fostering a community learning concept:

Student schedules will be structured to best fit each student. Students will be required to meet with counselors before school begins to create an individualized plan of study that is appropriate in rigor. Students who are struggling have the opportunity for one-on-one tutoring with teacher of record Students will meet regularly with their mentor teacher Students will also attend a traditional on-campus class. Students who complete classes in MVA are encouraged to continue their education through vo-tech and concurrent enrollment.

How to Enroll:

1) Submit completed application & transcript to counselor

2) Parent & student interview required

Judith M. Kuczynski
Rooms G110 and G112 
My Planning period is during 4th hour (11:25 AM). Contact me any time! 
My name is Judith Kuczynski. Students and parents call me Mrs "K". I come to teaching after raising 3 kids. My husband and I live in Edmond.
This is my sixth year at Mustang High School. I am a certified School Counselor so I understand graduation requirements. For the first 4 years I supported students to recover credits needed for graduation.  Then last year we started the Mustang Virtual Academy.  


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