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Joy Morgan

Class Schedule

7:15-7:40            Arrival
10:45-11:15        Lunch 
11:20-11:50       Specials
2:20                     Dismissal

Snack Information

Snack time is a very important part of our day.  We use this time to develop and practice language skills (making a choice, requesting more), math concepts (counting crackers, developing one to one correspondence), self-help (pouring, washing hands, cleaning area), and social skills (taking turns, sharing, waiting, passing supplies).
We need your help with this part of our program.  Please send two items from the list below to school with your child.  These snacks will be placed in a cabinet for classroom use.  Each day your children will be provided with a choice of two snack items.  We will send notes home when it is time to restock the cabinet.
Snack list:
saltine crackers       dried fruit
raisins                     cheese crackers 
animal crackers      Goldfish crackers
fruit snacks             applesauce
pudding cups          Jello cups
Due to the possibility of an allergic reaction, no peanut butter products.
Thank you! 

Class News

Contact Info

Joy Morgan
 Early Childhood Special Education
Planning Period 11:20-11:50
256-6566 Ext. 3102

Supply List

2 - Kleenex tissues         
1 - 4 pack Play-Doh
4 - Elmer's glue
1 - Lysol or Clorox wipes
2 - 2 pocket three prong folder
1 - 70 page composition notebook
Change of clothing
nap mat