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Jorge Moreira, MSG (Ret)

Jorge E. Moreira, MSG USA (Ret), Instructor

To teach high school students the value of citizenship, leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment, while instilling in them self-esteem, teamwork, and self discipline

iFLY STEM & Adventure Training

Wreath Across America Service Learning

Wildlife Expo Adventure Training

Regional Food bank Community Service

JROTC Cadet Leadership Camp

American Heritage, Customs and Traditions

Mustang JROTC Teams

Raiders Fitness Team

Saber Honor Guard Team

Rifle Drill Team

Color Guard Team

Marksmanship Team

Contact Information

Jorge E. Moreira, MSG, USA (Ret.)

JROTC Army Instructor

Mustang High School

Office (405) 376-9334


Team Practices

AM:   7:00-8:00       Raiders Team
PM:   3:45-4:45       Marksmanship  Team
          3:45-4:45       Cyber Patriot Team 
AM:   7:00-8:00      BN Staff Meeting
PM:   3:45-4:45      Leadership Team
          3:45-4:45     Academic Team
          3:45-4:45     Drill Team
AM:   7:00-8:00      Raiders Team
PM:   3:45-4:45      Marksmanship Team 
          3:45-4:45      Cyber Patriot Team 
AM:   7:00-8:00      Color Guard Team
          7:00-8:00      Honor Guard Team 
PM:   3:45-4:45      Leadership Team
          3:45-4:45      Academic Team
          3:45-4:45      Drill Team
AM:   7:00-8:00      Color Guard Team
          7:00-8:00       Honor Guard Team
          7:00-8:00       Planning Meeting 

Class Schedule

Mondays:  New Lesson
Introduction of new vocabulary 
Tuesdays:  Practical Exercises,
application of concepts
Wednesdays: Formative Assessment, 
lesson review and feedback 
Thursdays: Personal Appearance and Uniform Inspection,
Drill and Leadership Lab
Fridays: Team Building and
Physical Fitness activities 

September Events

September 6th:
Football Game vs Yukon
school support activity 
September 7th:
Western Days Parade
September 13th:
Football Game vs Edmond
school support activity  
September 21st:
Redman Triathlon
community service
September 27th:
Football Game vs Norman North
school support activity 
September 28th:
Wildlife Expo
Adventure Training 

October Events

October 5th:
Top of Texas Drill , Fitness and Marksmanship Competition
October 11th:
Football Game vs Southmoore
school support activity 
October 20th:
Red Coyote 5k run
October 25th: 
Football Game vs Owasso
school support activity 
October 26th:
Redleg Drill, Fitness and Academic Competition 

November Events

November 2nd:
Tulsa Union Drill and Fitness Competition
November 11th:
Veterans Day
Color Guard Ceremonies
Honor Guard Ceremonies
November 16th:
Bronco Battalion Championship
Team Building activity 
November 23rd:
Feed The Children
Community Service 

December Events

December 4th: 
JROTC OBI Blood Drive
Service Learning Activity 
December 14th:
Wreaths Accross America
Community Service