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Jesse Longley

About Me

I am Jesse Longley. I graduated in the class of 2009 from Del City. I completed my Bachelor of Arts Biology with Western Governors University. My family consist of my wife (Taylor), daughter (Payton),  son (Keller), 3 ball pythons, 3 dogs, a tortoise, and a bearded dragon.....until more pets come along. I love to teach and anything to do with science. Most of the people that know me would say that I read lots of scientific articles and news so that I can talk about science all the time. 
Meet with me on 8/16/2019
Meeting Organizer: Jesse Longley - LongleyJ@mustangps.org

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From: 2:45 PM To: 3:00 PM
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From: 3:00 PM To: 3:15 PM
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1st Hour- Pre AP Biology
2nd Hour- Biology
3rd Hour- Biology
4th Hour- Pre AP Biology
5th Hour- Pre AP Biology
6th Hour- Pre AP Biology
7th Hour- Plan