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Jeremy Ford


      We were allowed to start moving into the building this week, and as I entered the room for the first time, I could not help but imagine how it would feel for you on your first day. For me, at first I noticed its bare walls and lack of lighting, but that couldn't hold back my imagination of it bustling with activity as we build our various projects and work together in community. We will develop leaders, challenge our perceptions and overcome difficult tasks with problem solving. You will be challenged in this class, we might find solutions that are epic fails, and in failing forward, create solutions to change the world. I sincerely hope you walk into the the room with the same eagerness, joy, and willingness to see what it can be.

Teacher Bio

Mr. Ford Has been teaching for several years. He has served as the Coach for Robotics, Technology Student Association, Science Olympiad and the Biz Kids Entrepreneurial competition. He is a Maker at heart and loves to tinker with and re-purpose broken down toys. Most days he can be found in the garage or on the computer working on a new game.  


405.256.5275 ext 1204 and 1246 


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Automation and RoboticsEssential skillsEssential skillsPlanDesign and ModelingDesign and ModelingAutomation and Robotics