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Jennifer Wilhm

STEM (Coding & Robotics)

Mrs Wilhm

Contact Information:

Phone:  (405)309-9824


Welcome!  My name is Jenni Wilhm, and I teach STEM Coding & Robotics classes at MCMS.  I am relatively new to teaching.  I spent about 25 years working in various IT roles before deciding that teaching would be much more rewarding.  When an opportunity to teach Coding & Robotics came up, it was truly a dream job!    While teaching can be challenging, I haven't regretted my career change once!
I will be hosting a weekly meeting on Google Hangouts every Wednesday from 2:00-2:30pm on Wednesdays.  A link to the meeting will be provided on each of my Google Classrooms.
With our new Distance Learning platform, my classes will be managed on Google Classroom.  All announcements, assignments, discussions, and materials will be posted there. 
Robotics students will continue with the same Google Classroom as last quarter.  I will send an invitation to all of my other students to the appropriate Google Classroom.  The invitation will be emailed using the students' school email address.  I am told these should now be able to send & receive emails to and from other email accounts.  
One of the best things about Google Classroom is that parents can be invited to view their student's assignments, progress, and other information.  I just need an email address to sent the invite to! 
Codes for each of my Google Classrooms:
Intro to Design & Programming:   pclcqie
Advanced Programming: cu2gicm
Competitive Robotics: vkubpzl 
Why is STEM/STEAM so important? 
The world’s reliance on technology is increasing at an exponential rate. Self-driving cars are no longer just a dream for the future, automation is already playing a large role in the production of goods, and software using complicated algorithms is being used to improve business practices and increase efficiency of almost every industry. Employment in this new technology driven world will require problem solving, active learning, analysis, and a competency with the technology involved. The hope is that introducing STEM/STEAM concepts now and allowing young people to explore the real-life applications it includes, we can help them to become the innovators of tomorrow.