No School On Thursday, October 29, 2020
Due to ongoing power issues, there will be no school tomorrow (10/29/2020).  This will include all after school & evening activities (including BroncoClub).

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On vacation in Oregon!
I have been a physical education teacher for 19 years, an assistant principal for a year, and I wrote and managed a federal physical education grant for four years in the Putnam City School district. My beautiful wife Jami is beginning her 19th year with Mustang Schools but she will not be at Meadow Brook this year. She is the new Assistant Principal down the street at Mustang Trails Elementary. I am very proud for her but sad for me. My daughter is a Mustang Public Schools and Oklahoma State University graduate.  She is currently living in Portland, Oregon with her husband of two years, Nick.  My son is beginning his Senior year at Mustang High School. I also get to work side by side with a great friend of mine, Chris Ridgeway. This will be no doubt my most challenging year but I can't wait to see what we do!


As a Meadow Brook Physical Education instructor, I am greatly concerned with the student’s well-being in my class. I feel it is the teacher's responsibility and duty to provide a safe learning environment for all children. Therefore, in establishing the policy and participation guidelines for my classes, I have set rules with your child's utmost health and safety in mind.



SHOES – Students must wear closed toe shoes in order to participate in that day’s activity. They do not have to wear these to school, but must have them to change into during their PE class.

GUM, CANDY, ETC. – Absolutely no gum, candy, etc.

TARDINESS – Students are expected to be in the gym on time. They are expected to have proper shoes on and ready to participate when class begins.

ILLNESS – If your child is sick or injured and cannot participate in physical education, they must have a note from you to excuse them from participating in that day’s physical activity. The note must be dated and addressed to the P.E. instructor explaining why the student cannot participate. After three days of non-participation, the parent must make verbal contact with either the instructor or the school nurse to discuss the situation, and/or make arrangements to accommodate the student while they are sick or injured. A doctor’s note is also accepted.

GRADING SYSTEM- The PE Department bases its grading system on a combination of daily participation points, teacher observation, written quizs, peer and self assessment. Points are awarded daily for cooperating, participating in the day’s activity, and various skill assessments.


PLAY HARD: Participate with effort in all activities. Demonstrate a commitment to the process, lesson, or activity. Demonstrate proper movement skills and concepts.

PLAY FAIR: Adhere to the expectations and instructions of the lesson/activity. Display honesty during the lesson/activity. Allow equal opportunity for others to participate.

PLAY SAFE: Look out for the safety of others and avoid careless risks. Show an awareness of your body and those around you.

SHOW RESPECT: Listen respectfully to both teachers and students. Cooperate with the teacher and classmates (Display good sportsmanship). Show the value of other's equipment, property, and environment.

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Daily Schedule & Plan

1st  Period  8:10 - 8:50 5th grade PE
2nd Period  8:52 - 9:32 5th grade PE
3rd  Period  9:34-10:14 5th grade PE
Plan times 10:16-10:46 & 12:24-1:01
7th Period  1:01-1:41   6th grade PE
8th Period  1:43-2:23   6th grade PE
9th Period  2:25-3:05   6th grade PE 

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