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Jared Homer

Class Syllabus

Outdoor Education 

                        MUSTANG High School   2019-2020

ROOM K-117

Instructor:  Coach Homer Email:

Phone:  405-376-2404 

Outdoor Education: Outdoor Education is a fun and exciting physical education course.  Students are taught life-long skills by using integrated curriculum of science, math, writing, critical thinking skills, and computer technology.  The focus is on outdoor activities such as: archery, fishing, survival skills, animal identification, angling, hunting, hiking, and conservation/environmental issues. The Archery/Fishing program is part of a national program sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and Conservation.

Supplies: Each student should bring these each day we are in the classroom.

Blue/Black Ink Pens

Pencils and Erasers                                                                                        



Classroom Rules:

*  Show respect.  *  Do Not Disrupt Class   

*  Come prepared *  Participate

*  Pay attention *  Keep your desk area neat and clean

Grading Scale and Grades:

90-100 A 60-69 D

80-89 B Below 60 F

70-79 C

  • Course grades are assigned as a percentage of the accumulation of “points earned” compared to the total possible number of “points possible.”   

  • Semester tests will count as 10% of students class grade (Semester tests are cumulative for each semester). 


  • Students who copy the work of another individual (articles, reference materials, etc.) without giving proper credit to that individual for that work will receive an “Incomplete” for that assignment until the assignment is corrected. 

  • “Incomplete assignments = 0% if left uncorrected

  • Students who copy another student’s individual assignments (not “group data”) will have their point total for that assignment divided by the number of students that copied the particular assignment. 



  • Students who are found to be cheating on tests, etc. will be given a 0% for that test or assignment. 

Cell Phones, IPODS, etc. 

The use of cell phones, IPODS, etc., is prohibited in the classroom unless I have instructed you to use them.  There will be consequences for using your device when I have not instructed you to do so.



Class Schedule

1st hr 8:40-9:30
2nd hr 9:35-10:25
Lunch 10:30-11:00
3rd hr 11:05-11:55
4th hr 12:00-12:50
5th hr 12:55-1:45
6th hr 1:50-2:40 Plan
7th hr 2:45-3:35 Soccer