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Jamie Lord

Jamie Lord

All About the Teacher

** Please check below for resources to work on at home. I love and miss you all and can't wait to see you soon! Stay safe and healthy!** 

District Distance Learning Plan: Week 1

District Distance Learning Plan: Week 2 

District Distance Learning Plan: Week 3 

Distance Learning Plan Week 1 Schedule 

Distance Learning Plan Week 2 Schedule 

Distance Learning Plan Week 3 Schedule 

Distance Learning Plan Week 4 Schedule 

Distance Learning Plan Week 5 Schedule

Information/Biographies of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.           <------ This information pack will be helpful for the Week 4 Social Studies portion of our Distance Learning Plan. You can read the information with your kids and discuss each person before having them write the facts they learned about each person. 

Distance Learning Plan Week 2: Companion Worksheets *These worksheets were created by another first grade teacher to go along with the week 2 plans for our district. They can be printed and used at home for the week of April 13-April 17.

Math Review Worksheets  This has over 100 worksheets that go over various math skills such as: Comparing numbers, graphing, shapes, addition/subtraction, counting coins, fact families and other skills we have reviewed throughout the year.  

Math Choice Map Activities 

Lego Wind Racer Build it STEM Challenge 

Reading Choice Map 

Science and Social Studies: Hands On Activity Choice Map  This is great to use with the family at home! Choose your activities and mark them off as you complete them. You can complete them in any order with the goal to complete all challenges.  

Sight Words Pick a Challenge Map   These are some fun ways to practice sight words at home! Choose a challenge and mark them off your map as you complete them. Try and finish all activities! 

Creative Ways to practice sight words or spelling words  This is a list of different and fun ways to practice sight words or spelling words at home. 

Phonics Rhyming Scavenger Hunt 

Digital Landforms and Landmarks Tour 

ABC Order Practice - These pages include ABC order to the first letter and some that are more challenging going to the second or third letter. 

Around the House Scavenger Hunt 

Here is a great TIme Capsule Activity to do with your kiddos at home. It helps them document their feelings during this historic time.

Easter will certainly be a lot different this year. You can help participate in a Neighborhood Egg Hunt by having your children decorate these Easter Eggs and hang them in your window. Go explore the neighborhoods and look for other eggs in the windows of your neighbors! Not quite the hunt we were hoping for but you can still make it fun!! 

*Distance Learning Review Packet #1* 

 *At Home Scavenger Hunts*

 *Lego Building Storybook Activity*

*Sight word lists: For the 1st Grade Sight word list for our district click here. For the Fry Sight word list-click here and for the Dolch Sight word list-click here. You can use any or all of these lists to help your child with becoming familiar with commonly used words in books and stories. You can create flash cards for them on your computer or even write them on index cards. Memorizing these words will be beneficial to their reading. Remember, sight words should be read with automaticity and not sounded out.* 

Here are two monthly writing calendars. They include great writing prompts for students to complete each day. For April calendar click here and for the May calendar click here. 

Journeys Stories: These are the weekly stories from our textbook. Please feel free to watch each story or you can mute and pause the video on each page to have your child read the story to you.

Story 1: What is a Pal? 


Story 2: The Storm 


Story 3: Curious George At School 


Story 4: Lucia's Neighborhood 


Story 5: Gus Takes the Train 


Story 6: Jack and the Wolf 


Story 7: How Animals Communicate 


Story 8: A Musical Day 


Story 9: Dr. Seuss 


Story 10: A Cupcake Party 


Story 11: At Home in the Ocean 


Story 12: How Leopard Got His Spots 


Story 13: Seasons 


Story 14: The Big Race 


Story 15: Animal Groups 


Story 16: Let's Go to the Moon


Story 17: The Big Trip 


Story 18: Where Does Food Come From? 


Story 19: Tomas Rivera 


Story 20: Little Rabbit's Tale 


Story 21: The Garden 


Story 22: Amazing Animals 


Story 23: Whistle for Willie 

Story 24: A Tree is a Plant 


Story 25: The New Friend 


Story 26: The Dot 


Story 27: What Can You Do? 


Story 28: The Kite 


Story 29: Hi! Fly Guy! 


Story 30: Winners Never Quit 


Weekly Reading Story:  A Youtube video of the story is given  and you may pause and mute the video to have your child practice reading it to you as well. After reading the story, ask questions about the story to check for understanding. Examples: What is the genre? Who are the characters? What is the setting and plot (story events)? If it is an informational story, ask them facts that they remember or things they found interesting. You can also ask them to find text and graphic features such as the title, headings, labels, photographs and have them point them out to you in the story

 Phonics/Spelling Skill: Each week we have a phonics and a spelling skill for students to practice. The focus skill for March 23rd-27th is the /oo/ sound heard in the word spoon. This could be spelled with -oo, -ew or -ou. Some example words are: zoo, spoon, new, soup, loop, blew, flew, grew, group, you

Math: For math, we are reviewing place value and working on graphs. Children should know the ones, tens and hundreds place in a given number. You can practice this by showing them a number and asking them to point to the digit in each place (Example: 47 the 4 is in the tens place and the 7 is in the ones place). You can also have them draw you a number using base 10 block representations. For example: The number 28 can be drawn using sticks (tens) and squares (ones) so they would draw 2 sticks and 8 squares. Another great practice is having them give you ten less and ten more than a given number. For graphing, we are working on making a tally chart or bar graph and asking and answering questions about the graph. You can look for bar graphs online and show them and ask questions about the graph. An example is below.

Click on Bar Graph Practice link to view. 

Bar Graph Practice 


More Practice Work: You can click on the link for more practice pages that go along with our weekly skills for phonics and reading. 


Welcome to our Classroom Ohana! 2019-2020



Hello, and welcome to a new school year! My name is Jamie Lord and here is a little bit about me. This will be my ninth year teaching at Lakehoma and my sixth year teaching the first grade. I have also taught second and third grade. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2010. I grew up as a “Military Brat” so I have lived in several places but I call Mustang home. I have a beautiful daughter named Korra who is almost 2 years old. I love teaching first grade and I can’t wait to go on this year’s learning adventure!
My favorite things:


Color: Purple

Season: Fall


Team: OSU and OKC Thunder and Energy FC
 Flower: Lily and daisy

Drink: Coke


                                                      Sweet: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Place to eat: Texas Roadhouse or Olive Garden


                                                         Store: Hobby Lobby and Target
Hobby:  Painting, spending time outdoors (when it is not 100 degrees outside) and watching movies

Upcoming Events

*Thursday, February 6th: 100th Day of School celebration! Dress like you are 100 years old and don't forget to bring your 100th Day poster!
*Friday, February 14th: Valentines Day Party at 1:30 PM 
*Monday, February 17th: NO SCHOOL for students
*Friday, February 28th: Our class will present at Bronco Boogie morning assembly at 7:30 AM

Our Daily Schedule

First bell: 7:30

Tardy bell: 7:40

Our Class Schedule: 

7:30-8:55: Classroom Time

8:55-9:50: Specials (PE, Music or Art)

9:55-11:50: Classroom Time

11:55-12:20: Lunch

12:20-12:40: Recess

12:35-2:30: Classroom Time 


*The Spelling Lists are located on the right under Spelling. Click to download each list. -------------------> 
Students will not be given a list of words to study at home each week. Instead, we will focus on the phonics skill we are learning each week and the test on Friday will have words based on that skill. Students will need to know all of their letter sounds and their weekly phonics skill in order to be successful on the test. This will help students build their spelling knowledge and retain the skills rather than just memorizing words. Example: Short A sound phonics skill: Practice all short A words at home: at, am, cat, ran, dad, map etc.


*If there are any daily assignments not completed during the school day, they will be taken home to be completed.

*Math homework will be in Daily Folders every Monday-Thursday (*There will not be a math homework given on the weekends)

*Please read a minimum of 20 minutes each day and practice math facts for at least 10 minutes.

*Throughout the year there will be various projects or assignments to complete at home.

Scholastic Book Orders

Help your child LOVE reading! Go online and order books from Scholastic! It’s super easy! Just follow the link below and use our class code: JTQB2 to order awesome books for your kiddo! There are teacher recommendations and even a class wish list. All orders and payments are completed online and the books will be sent to our classroom to be distributed. Every time you order books, our class earns points to spend on more books for our classroom library! Happy Reading!