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James Grigsby


Headshot James Grigsby teaches Stagecraft at Mustang High School. He loves teaching technical theatre almost as much as he loves spending time with his wife Rozz and two boys, Taylor and Elliott. James graduated from Yukon High School in 1999, and recieved his Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts from The University of Central Oklahoma  in 2005. In his free time, he loves to dance, play the drums, and listen to music.

Course Description

Stagecraft is designed to give you a basic understanding of design, construction and/or use of theatrical scenery, properties, lighting equipment, sound equipment, theatrical rigging systems and the proper and SAFE use of hand and power tools associated with these areas. This is a hands-on class and all students are expected to participate. There will be reading assignments and other special materials on which class discussions will be based.

Contact Info

GrigsbyJ@mustangps.org (Preferred)
405-209-5535 (cell) 
Reminds: (Text your class code to 81010)
5th Hour Stagecraft
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