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Jacob Chen

About Me

Distance Learning
I have set up Google Classrooms for every class that I teach. All of the materials, while engaging and educational, are entirely optional. There will be various activities/challenges to choose from every week. Find specific classes in the sidebar where you will find class codes. Let me know if you have trouble accessing a Google Classroom, thanks! 
About Me
Hello! My name is Jacob Chen. I teach 5th Grade General Music, 6th Grade Choir(Vocal Music), Honor Choir, and 6th Grade Theater at Canyon Ridge. 
I am a Kodály certified educator from Norman, Oklahoma. I grew up playing piano as a child and learned many other wind and string instruments as I continued my music education. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Instrumental Music Education at The University of Oklahoma where I was involved with concert band, symphony band, wind symphony, The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band, steel pans ensemble, and many various chamber ensembles. I also actively play folk music stemming from New England, Irish, Scottish, Celtic, and French traditions with the Scissortail Traditional Dance Society. I strive to teach music in a way that is a joy to my students so that they may continue to be involved with music past their time at Canyon Ridge.
Other than engaging in music, I enjoy playing volleyball, board games, and contra dancing(ask me what contra dancing is!). Some of my favorite snacks are Spicy Cheetos, Hot and Spicy Cheez-its, Cool Ranch Doritos, Milano cookies, and any combination of toffee and dark chocolate. My favorite drinks are hazelnut coffee, Sonic's orange cream slush, and Arnold Palmers(a mix of half lemonade and half tea).

The Vision

"It is much more important who the singing master at Kisvarda (small village) is than who the director of the Opera House is, because a poor director will fail (Often even a good one.)  But a bad teacher may kill of the love of music for thirty years from thirty classes of pupils."
-Zoltán Kodály

Contact Info

Jacob Chen
Canyon Ridge Intermediate
5th General Music/6th Choir/6th Theatre/Honor Choir
Room F100
Phone: 405-256-6955

Supporting my Classroom

Amazon Wishlist
If you would like to support my classroom, you may buy any item(s) off of my Amazon Wishlist! Items will be sent to my personal address. Please leave your name in the gifting option(or email me) so I may thank you later!  

TpT Fund
Alternatively, you can dontate to my Teachers Pay Teacher Fund where I can purchase various classroom resources/manipulatives!