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All Oklahoma Public Schools Are Closed Through The End Of The 2019-2020 School Year.
At this time, all schools and offices are not scheduled to reopen until the 2020-2021 school year begins.
We will be working on plans for PreK Roundup, Central Enrollment, & more - those will be communicated ASAP.

You may contact us by email in the event of an urgent need or emergency, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Empowering Today to Achieve a Better Tomorrow


Public Schools


I. Textbook: Holt McDougal Geometry Common Core Edition


II. Description of Course: In today’s fast-moving world, mathematics is becoming an even more important and necessary skill. The logic, problem solving skills, and systematic form of communication taught through mathematics provides individuals with the knowledge to be productive and successful citizens. Specifically, the mathematics of geometry offers us the means of describing, analyzing, and understanding the concrete aspects of the world we live in with respect to the shapes that surround us and their characteristics and relationships. In this class we will introduce and explore these processes by studying the basic geometrical concepts.



III. Student Materials: 

  • Three Ring Binder, Pencil, Red Pens, Scientific Calculator ( TI-30XS multiview), Paper



IV. Teaching Methods: I will use traditional  lectures, class discussions, group work, hand-on-activities, projects, and many new technical teaching methods to make math enjoyable and educational.


V. Contact Information: I can be contacted via email at .


VI. Classroom Rules: 

  • Be Prompt, Be Prepared, Be Polite


VII. Classroom Procedures:

  • Daily Review
  • Check Completion and Answer Questions of Previous Day’s Assignments
  • Present Next Topic and Discuss
  • Work on Assignment until Complete or Class Time Ends


VIII. Grades: Homework assignments and quizzes will count as 30% of the overall grade. Typically, there will be homework assignments three to four nights a week and a quiz at least every week. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE CHAPTER TEST. It is important that you keep up with your homework. DO NOT come to me at the end of the semester and ask what zeroes you can make up. It will not be possible.  


Tests will account for the remaining 70% of the overall grade. Tests will be given approximately every two weeks. There will also be comprehensive quarterly tests, scored as regular test grades, to help you prepare for the EOI.

Homework Assignments and Quizzes






IX. Absences: Students who are absent will receive the same number of day(s) they are absent to make up missed work. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to research what you missed and complete the assignments. If a test or quiz is missed, then you need to schedule a time with me to make it up ASAP. Remember, to be exempt from a semester test you may only miss 4 days if you have an A and 3 days if you have a B, so please avoid missing school as much as possible.



Don’t forget to sign up for REMIND. Text @rvans16 to 81010