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Hollie Sheetz

My Contact Information:


Room #: G207


  • 1st hour: @hsheetz

  • 2nd hour: @e2g7bb

  • 3rd hour: @espaolhr

  • 4th hour: @fekaa6

  • 6th hour: @76997a

  • 7th hour: @hfbda9

Sobre Señora Sheetz

 ¡Hola! Me llamo Señora Hollie Sheetz, y yo soy una de las maestras de Español I en Mustang High School.  He enseñado a Español por diez años y me encanta mi ocupación y mis estudiantes. ¡Estoy emocionada para un año muy fantastico!
 Translation: Hi! My name is Mrs. Hollie Sheetz, and I am one of the Spanish I teachers at Mustang High School.  I have taught Spanish for 10 years, and I love my job and my students. I am excited for a fantastic year!

Google Classroom Codes

1st hour:   t7ss5ad
2nd hour: vg23wvv
3rd hour;  fgx6bfo
4th hour:  fkowopz
6th hour:  hjffrtq
7th hour:  mtjyjfx 

Google Classroom Codes:


Attached is my class syllabus for Spanish I. It contains basic information about my Spanish class, rules and procedures, and grading policies.