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Geoffrey Davis

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Course Description: The American Government Course is a one semester class that is required for graduation. The course will cover the evolvement of our Nation's Government to its present form. Also will be covered in detail is the checks and balances of our three branches of government. Since you are, or soon to be at the voting age, we will discuss in length federal, state, and local levels of government: the voting process: the role political parties play in today's government. 


Class Scope:

1st 9 week period of semester the class will cover Unit 1 of the book.

Chapter 1 "Principles of Government"

Chapter 2 "Origins of Government"

Chapter 3 "The Constitution"

Chapter 4 "Federalism"

2nd 9 week period of semester the class will cover Unit 2 of the book.

Chapter 5 "Political Parties"

Chapter 6 "Voters and Voter Behavior"

Chapter 7 "The Electoral Process"

Grading Procedures: Each student’s grade will be figured on a percentage of the possible points available in the course. Points will come from:

Daily Assignments/Lessons/Homework/Quizzes - 40%

Tests - 60% 

Zero Policy/Re-takes - Any assignment within a chapter can be turned in up until the day of the Chapter test for full credit. I will not accept anything after that.

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a time with me for a test retake, whether that be before school, during my lunch, or after school.