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Extra Practice

Here is the "Read with Me" workshop note from Mrs. Osborne!
Here are a few websites that provide educational games for practice!
Each student has a log-in that we use in class each week. This website meets children where they are and helps build foundational skills to help them excel in reading.
Each student has a log-in for this website that we use in class each week. This site helps build fact fluency for your child's math success!
The kids love this website and it has so many great games on it that reinforce so many different skills! If your child is struggling they can build up and start on lower levels. If your child is excelling they can play games in higher grades to challenge themselves!
This website has games and fun videos to watch!  
This website gives you access to a ton of books! A lot can be read aloud to your student too! Our class code is qwy4186
 I LOVE this website!! I taught myself how to type with "Typing Tutor" which was a disc you put in your computer. Technology has replaced the old paper-pencil method and the proper typing form is so important to learn! This website helps teach your child how to type, showing them the proper finger placement!
This website allows you to type in the spelling words and select the grade and pulls up games to practice the words!