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Enrichment Science and GATE

Planned Enrichment Activities for this Quarter

Projects done during Enrichment class are above and beyond what is done during the general science class time.
1st and 3rd 9 weeks, all enrichment science class projects are centered around GAMES!
Project 1 - Probability and Fairness
Project 2 - Research on arcade games, carnivals, etc.
Project 3 - "Caine's Arcade" - This project is based off of a viral YouTube video from a few years ago that sparked a movement, the Global Cardboard Challenge. Students will develop and build an arcade game out of cardboard. The 1st 9 weeks' projects will be set out for visitors to play, usually during one of the Parent/Teacher Conference Nights. During 3rd 9 weeks, projects will be out for parents and students to play during our CRI STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) Night. 
2nd 9 weeks:
We will study simple machines and how they are used in the construction of engineering fair projects described by the Oklahoma Engineering Foundation.  The most successful 3 projects in each categorty will hopefully be able to compete in this year's engineering fair hosted by Science Museum Oklahoma, usually held early in February.   
4th 9 weeks:
This quarter, the focus is on the fundamentals of STEAM incorporated within the design and construction of roller coasters.  

Differentiation between GATE and Enrichment Science

This year I will also be teaching GATE students.  Generally this will follow the same sequence of activities as my enrichment classes.  The differences include:
*GATE is a semester long class instead of only 1 9 weeks period.
*GATE students will participate the projects from both quarters as well as additional project(s).*
*GATE students will be held to a higher level of expectation in terms of complexity in project construction.  
*GATE students will be in charge of establishing and maintaining a school-wide recycling program as well as create ways to educate their peers in the need for environmental responsibility.
All GATE students should be able to attend the engineering fair held at Science Museum Oklahoma.  This is dependent upon parent volunteers, weather conditions, class performance/behavior, returning the required paperwork, and completing the necessary projects.  

Items Needed

All year, I gladly accept what many would consider trash. :)  ex toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, a few 2 L pop bottles, old toys (K'nex, blocks, Legos, gears, etc)   Other popular items include: pipe insulation, styrofoam sheets, wooden blocks, matchbox cars, etc.
1st and 3rd 9 weeks:
Box tape (I try to supply each group with one roll, but...often they want/need more.)
Hot glue (large diameter)
Cool temp 'hot' glue sticks (small diameter) 
Misc. add-ons depending upon which game your student decides to construct. I aim to provide as much as possible, but will likely need additional donations.
2nd and 4th 9 Weeks
I will have most of the basic components students will need to construct their projects.  They are welcome to bring items from home.  I do need almost all of the construction to occur in the classroom.